Perdième precious lace menstrual lingerie

Culotte menstruelle dentelle précieuse
When it comes to women's underwear , what seems most attractive to you ? Lace maybe? In any case, this is the majority response (35%) given by the mixed panel questioned in 2016 as part of the Ifop survey “The French, seduction and lingerie . Closely followed by black (20%) and transparency (14%). This is precisely the perfect combination that Perdième offers with its Palerme range, 100% lace , intense black and finely openwork . Including two models of lace menstrual panties and a matching wire -free bra , it is aimed at unconditional lovers of refined and sensual underwear, even during their period! Zoom on this collection full of delicacy and voluptuousness.

Lace menstrual panties: elegance is the rule!

Effective, healthy and long-lasting hygienic protection

Above all, the bottoms of the Palermo range are period underwear. Their primary function: to collect and retain blood flow during menstruation, at the start of each cycle. To do this, they have an absorbent part located at the crotch level and made up of three technical layers:

  • an interior fabric that captures blood flow, in organic cotton for direct, soft and healthy contact with the skin and mucous membranes;
  • an intermediate stratum which ensures the absorption and retention of losses;
  • an insulating outer film, to prevent any leaks or stains on clothing.

They therefore have all the advantages of Perdième menstrual panties : effectiveness, practicality, respect for female hygiene and privacy, comfort, discretion, ease of maintenance, durability, long-term profitability, reduction of mental load, aesthetic.

Well placed at the bottom of the panties, the absorbent part remains discreet and blends imperceptibly with the lace patterns of these special period underwear. While ensuring their role as healthy and reusable hygienic protection, Perdième lace menstrual panties have the art and way of passing incognito as pretty pieces of classic lingerie.

A piece of lingerie made entirely of lace, graphic and elegant

Perdième menstrual and classic underwear are distinguished by unparalleled comfort and aesthetics, two criteria of choice for impeccable lingerie. The high quality materials are soft; the cuts are both reassuring and flattering; the patterns are unique, graphic and harmonious. The Palermo range is no exception to the rule. Its distinctive appeal: its precious lace.

Thanks to a very fine and precise interweaving of threads, it combines transparency and solidity. With its delicately woven decorative patterns, it draws pretty arabesques on the skin. Pleasant to the touch, it offers comfort and lightness. Enriched with elastane, it perfectly hugs the curves of the body and subtly highlights the feminine forms. Durable, it resists repeated washing over time. In deep black, it gives that chic and timeless appearance that the great classics of the women's wardrobe have. So many assets that allow all those who wear this precious lace lingerie to feel beautiful and free every day that passes, including during their periods.

The first collection of 100% lace menstrual lingerie by Perdième

All models from the Perdième brand bear the name of a city in the world, as an invitation to travel, escape and daydream. Palermo is the option chosen by the Perdième community on Instagram to designate the first range of 100% lace menstrual underwear (apart from the absorbent part of the panties). A choice that couldn't be more appropriate, since this collection reflects the image of the Sicilian capital: authentic, distinguished, full of charm. In order to vary the cuts within the overall Perdième offer, the Palermo range includes three distinct pieces: high-waisted briefs, a tanga and a bra.

High-waisted lace menstrual panties

Like menstrual shorties , high-waisted lace period panties largely cover the buttocks and hips, for a pleasant enveloping feeling and good support. It goes up approximately to the navel, cleverly hiding any small belly bulges and love handles. A great way to forget your complexes when dressed lightly. It absorbs the equivalent of 2-3 normal tampons, which is ideal for light to medium flows.

Lace menstrual tanga

Halfway between panties, more covering and more modest, and the thong, more daring and more suggestive, the tanga is the ideal compromise between comfort and glamour. With its high-cut cut, it subtly reveals and highlights the curve of the buttocks. In its menstrual version adapted to light flows, it allows you to continue to feel both comfortable in your movements and sexy throughout the entire period of menstruation. Thanks to its fine black lace, the Palermo model gains in refinement and elegance.

The lace bra

To accompany the two models of Palermo lace menstrual panties, Perdième offers the matching bra, adorned with the same chic and sober lace. No more problems wearing a beautiful coordinated outfit during periods. Without underwire, it is flexible and envelops the chest without compressing it. The perfect solution to the bra or no-bra alternative.

Here is the Palermo range fully revealed! It is designed for all those looking for pretty period lingerie, delicate and sexy. To be worn at the start of the cycle to absorb the menstrual flow, but also on other days of the month, to collect any vaginal discharge. The two menstrual panties in precious lace, high-waisted and tanga cut, can be combined with the matching bra, for a stunning result, both visually and felt!

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