About Perdième...

We tell you everything!
In the beginning there is a woman...

(there is always a woman)

A woman who can no longer stand invasive and toxic period protection. A woman who discovers menstrual panties and is seduced by the product but finds the offer repetitive and sad. From encounters to discoveries, from advice to ideas, the Perdième brand (formerly Period. Lingerie) was born, a collaborative concept where creativity is at the service of women.

Perdième or the desire to responsibly create menstrual lingerie that is comfortable, feminine and coordinated for every day. We guarantee you a 100% European production in the respect and well-being of each stakeholder (and yes it is essential).

Elegance & invitation to travel

Perdième is a company based in Paris. Our underwear is made in Portugal in a family factory that respects European legislation and ensures the well-being of its employees.

We invite artists from all over the world to collaborate with Perdième Lingerie to offer you original and exclusive patterns.

Our inspirations: travel, elegance, diversity, exoticism, colors...

You are a designer and you want to create the next pattern for underwear. -Perdième clothing? Contact us at hello@perdieme.com