My Perdième underwear is made in Portugal in a family workshop that respects European labor law and ensures the well-being of its employees.

All the materials used to make your lingerie come from Europe: France, Italy, Spain or Portugal. Your panties haven't been seen around the world ;-)


When you receive your panties, we recommend washing them once or twice at 40 degrees with a mild detergent (preferably without Marseille soap), without fabric softener and without machine drying. Let it air dry, avoiding heat sources such as radiators. It is essential to wait until your menstrual panties are completely dry before wearing them.

It is completely normal for the technical part of your period panties to take longer to dry than a simple cotton garment. As the micro-fiber dries much faster, we recommend drying your menstrual panties inside out (cotton part outwards). Absolutely avoid artificial heat sources (dryer, radiator...) which would damage the fibers and therefore the level of absorption (a little patience:-) )

My Perdième menstrual panties are made of microfiber, fully lined in organic cotton. We recommend washing it twice before first use. Once worn, just rinse it in cold water and then put it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry at 30° or 40°. Avoid the dryer because it damages the absorbent fiber. Let your panties air dry (avoiding hot springs). You can reuse it as much as you want

Menstrual panties

My PerdièmeLingerie menstrual panties absorb the equivalent of 2-3 average tampons. You can therefore wear it for up to 10 hours in a row if your flow is moderately abundant/light or change it more frequently if your flow is more abundant. For the first use, we recommend trying on your panties at home.

Nanoparticles are present in materials based on metals such as aluminum (and these materials are banned in Europe by the way, so no menstrual panties should contain them!). Our absorbent part is made of super absorbent bamboo so no trace of nanoparticles.

Your Perdième menstrual panties are fully lined in antibacterial natural organic cotton, which prevents odors that you may have encountered with chemical protection (pad or tampon type). If a slight smell persists after washing, you can wash it a second time or let it soak with a few drops of tea tree essential oil.

Of course you can wear your menstrual panties day and night. It has enough coverage so you can move without stress.

Unlike invasive protections (tampons and cups), and disposable pads, your menstrual panties are 100% non-toxic. By wearing menstrual panties you respect your cycles (which flow naturally) and your body without risk of toxic shock or other infection.

My menstrual panties can be used for up to 3 years, which represents real savings but also a significant reduction in household waste.

The absorbent part of your panties is about 1mm thick. It is therefore perfectly invisible under your clothes, you can wear it with leggings to play sports. Neither seen nor known.

Postage and shipment

Metropolitan France
-Order less than €50 incl. tax: Tracked letter €3.10/ Mondial Relay €4.10/ Colissimo €5.50
-Order between €50 -€70 incl. tax: Tracked letter €3.60/ Mondial Relay €4.10/ Colissimo €5.90
- Order between €70-90 incl. tax: Tracked letter Free/ Mondial Relay Free/ Colissimo €5.90
- Order of €90 including tax or more: Free follow-up letter/ Free Mondial Relay/ Free Colissimo

Belgium, Luxembourg
- Order of less than €80 including tax: Mondial Relay €4.10/ Colissimo €8
- Order between €80 and €100 including tax: Mondial Relay Free/ Colissimo €8
- Order of €100 or more: Mondial Relay Free/ Colissimo Free

Europe Zone 1 (Germany, Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain (excluding specific territories), Portugal (excluding specific territories), Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia , Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden
- Order less than €100 incl. VAT: Parcel simo €10/ TNT Express €22
- Order of €100 including tax or more: Free Colissimo/ TNT Express €26

Europe Zone 2+ Dom Tom (Specific territories of Spain ( Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Romania)
- Order under €120 incl. tax: Colissimo €12/ TNT Express €45
- Order of €120 including tax or more: Colissimo Free/ TNT Express €60

World: United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea , Thailand, Taiwan, Viet Nam, India, Russia, Israel, India
- Orders under €200: Colissimo €18/ TNT Express €50
- Orders over €200: Colissimo Free / TNT Express 70€

Other destinations? Contact us at hello@perdieme.com

Depending on the country in which you are being delivered, customs duties may apply and you will have to pay them. Carriers require us to issue full invoices at time of shipment.

For all products "in stock" (without the mention "pre-order") the preparation time is 2 working days then the usual times mentioned by the carriers.

If you have not received your package, we recommend that you: first check the carrier's website for the tracking number we sent you when your order was shipped. If the package is indicated as in transit we advise you to wait a few days. If the package is mentioned as delivered, you must contact the carrier as soon as possible.

Perdième cannot be held responsible for losses generated by carriers. However, all our packages are sent with tracking which will allow you, in the event of loss or damage, to request compensation from the carrier

Returns, exchanges, refunds policy

You have up to 30 days after receiving your order to send us an email at hello@perdieme.com to request a return

Products must be completely new with tags, unwashed, unworn, without any traces (we ask you upon receipt to try on your panties keeping your personal underwear)).

Return postage costs are your responsibility. We advise our customers to opt for shipping with tracking because Perdième cannot be held responsible in the event of non-receipt of the return package.

1. Contact us at hello@perdieme.com so that we can notify your return request, send you the Perdième return form (you can also download it here ) and give you instructions for shipping your return.

2. Print and complete our return form and slip it into your package. Make sure your package is properly packaged

3. Deposit the products to be returned completely new (unworn, unwashed and tried on with underwear for panties) with all the original labels in their envelope / initial shipping box, as well as the completed return slip at the post office and keep your proof of deposit. And There you go! We will confirm receipt of your return within 2 working days after reintegration into our stock

Please note that without the duly completed return form, it will be impossible for us to proceed with the refund.

Thank you also for hygiene issues for always keeping your underwear on when you try on our panties

Lots and packs are indivisible. This means that it is not possible to request a return of only part of the lot. You must therefore return the entire batch to us.

You will be refunded within 7 working days of receipt of the products in our warehouse. We'll send you a refund notification email

It is not possible for us to make an exchange from a logistical point of view. You will therefore have to place a new order on our site. However, we offer you the shipping costs on your new order on simple request to customer service

The Perdième team reserves the right to refuse a return if the condition of the returned products is not complies with the conditions mentioned

Size guide

Perdième menstrual panties are available in sizes 34 to 44, if in doubt we recommend taking the larger size.

The bras are available in 4 sizes: T1-T4 i.e. 80A to 90D approx.

For your menstrual panties, we recommend taking your usual size or the larger one if you want to feel comfortable

Between 2 sizes? Prefer the larger size, The lace at the waist and in the crotch allows your panties to stay in place.

Still hesitating? check out our size guide.

Yes! Our jersey cotton is organic and GOTS certified. The microfiber, the lace and the absorbent part are Oekotex standard 100 certified.