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Lou Ripoll (France)

Textile designer and stylist, Lou Ripoll is an accomplished French designer. It is in her workshop-boutique based in Montmartre, a stone's throw from Sacré-Coeur, that she runs her women's ready-to-wear brand Bleu Tango.

Combining humor and good humor, Lou offers pieces with playful and colorful patterns made with his favorite medium: watercolor. Guided in a sustainable development approach. Lou works ethically with total transparency.

The Casablanca pattern gently combines nature and travel. Lou then offers us the imagination of an oriental botanical garden where birds fly among the foliage. They then transport us to a setting inspired by Yves-Saint-Laurent's Majorelle garden in Marrakech, even to the gardens of Casablanca.

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Kim A Tolman (USA)

Originally from Germany but now based in Los Angeles, designer Kim A. Tolman is a multifaceted artist. As a product designer and artistic director, she has worked for television and theatre. She is also a pattern designer and painter whose works have been exhibited on two continents.

The Budapest pattern, created for Perdième, is inspired by the Art Deco era: it represents a classic fan, but the line by hand and the colors used bring a more organic dimension reminiscent of the shape of a piece of coral.

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Zoe Charlotte (UK)

Drawing her inspiration from literature and her travels around the globe, Zoe intends to tell a story with each of her creations. Each motif begins with a sketch or a painting, which evokes a memory (the lemon tree that grew in his garden in Australia, the wild flowers that bloom each year in the park near his house…). Now based in Brighton in Grande -Brittany, Zoe has just obtained her degree in interior design, and hopes that this will allow her to transmit her love for patterns and color.

The Osaka pattern was inspired by a trip to her in Japan in the spring, where she had the chance to see the cherry trees in full bloom.

Janine Lecour (USA)

Janine Lecour is an American artist who explores the
world of colors through bold geometric and floral creations.

His dynamic and complex art reveals a visual demonstration full of optimism and fantasy. Passionate about colors, they are at the heart of her inspiration.

She is now based in Atlanta and collaborates with
many fashion brands.

The magnificent fleur-de-lis print of the Nairobi pattern was
inspired by floral patterns and the movement of wax fabrics.

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Lucie Mouton (France)

Lucie Mouton is an independent French textile designer, illustrator and graphic designer. She creates exclusive prints for professionals in stationery, decoration and especially fashion. Founder of “Studio Liu”, Lucie describes her style as graphic, colorful and “busy”, and likes to draw patterns with lots of detail.

The liberty pattern, a great classic that she designs every season, combined with floral prints naturally gave birth to the Taipei pattern.

Inspired by nature, plants and animals, Lucie wanted to create a pattern with a floral on a dark background that was still bright. A real invitation to travel through its night setting and its constellations of small flowers.

Grace Lefeuvre Smith (SA)

Grace is a South African artist who immerses herself in the beauty that surrounds her on a daily basis. She loves to play with colors, textures and processes, and mainly draws her inspiration from flora and fauna. She began to be passionate about graphic art at a very young age and has already received several awards for her creations on design platforms.

The Pondicherry pattern is a reassuring and timeless floral pattern inspired by the colors of Indian fabrics “buffered”.
The Macau pattern is inspired by parrots (“Macau parrots” in English), which fascinate her and which she says are “tiny little feathered rainbows that bring their touch of magic to the tropics ”.

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