Values ​​and manufacturing

Perdième (ex Period. Lingerie)

Our discreet and personal commitments

...But real...

• Body positive
Our photos are little or not retouched, and we use professional models as well as non-professional models to try to represent the diversity of bodies, ages, colors, and genders.

During her lifetime it is estimated that a woman throws away between 100 and 150 kg of pads, tampons and applicators. Menstrual panties are washable and reusable for up to 3 years. We select eco-friendly materials -friendly, organic and certified.

Artistic approach
We have invited artists from around the world to create exclusive designs for Perdième. You can find their backgrounds and profiles on our dedicated page

• Wellness
Why choose between comfort and aesthetics? We want you to feel beautiful and good in your body on any day of your cycle.

Fair price
We limit intermediaries to offer a fair price that is accessible to as many people as possible. We do not compromise on materials or quality, we favor a minimalist structure to reduce our costs.

We have also chosen European manufacturing to limit our carbon footprint and to be able to ensure that all our partners share our values ​​and respect their employees.

Our raw materials

All our raw materials are chosen with the greatest care:
- Our jersey cotton in contact with the skin is GOTS certified and comes from Portugal. It is antibacterial treated to guarantee hygiene and total absence of odours.
- Our high quality microfiber comes from Italy. It highlights the finesse of our patterns while ensuring the longevity of your colors during successive washes.
- the waterproof film is a coated fabric that is perfectly waterproof and insulating

Easy to clean also, all our underwear can be machine washed with the rest of your laundry (don't worry, microfiber won't rub off)


Perdième is a company based in Paris. Our underwear is designed in France and made in Portugal in a family factory that respects European legislation and ensures the well-being of its employees, in particular by practicing fair remuneration.

We invite artists from around the world to collaborate with Perdième to offer you original and exclusive patterns.

Our inspirations: travel, elegance, diversity, exoticism, colors...

Are you a designer and want to create the next Perdième underwear pattern?
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