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Thin ! The English arrive without warning! And obviously, you are not at home. Reflex: you reach into your bag to look for hygienic protection . Problem: no more stock! Somewhat embarrassed, you discreetly ask a close colleague for help: “Hey, could you help me out with a towel or a tampon please? » Equally annoyed response: “Oh no, sorry, I only use menstrual panties anymore…” This is a situation that should arise more and more often, as period panties are shaking up the female intimate hygiene market from a decade. But what is this success due to? What are the opinions of its users on menstrual panties ? Back to these feedback from experts!

Menstrual panties review: what type are they?

The success of menstrual panties

Period panties: the innovation that has revolutionized femtech for almost a decade! In 2014, a little less than a hundred years after the marketing of the first disposable sanitary napkin, menstrual panties appeared in the United States. It arrived in France three years later, in 2017. Since then, interest in this washable external periodic protection has only grown. In 2020, 8% of French women bought at least one menstrual panty (1)(2) . Initially sold exclusively online by small start-ups, period panties now find their place in the hygiene and beauty sections of supermarkets. The sales volume there increased 37-fold in 2021 (2) . Figures which demonstrate the enthusiasm of menstruating people for this product with multiple advantages .

The praised qualities of menstrual lingerie

Even if they can differ from one brand to another, or even from one model to another, the opinions given on menstrual panties are very often positive. And the same goes for its many variations: menstrual shorties, period thongs or even period swimsuits .

Menstrual lingerie is commonly appreciated for its following qualities:

  • effectiveness, guaranteed for all types of flow, with models specially designed for heavy periods and at night, thicker and having a larger absorbent area, greatly limiting, or even eliminating, the risk of leaks;
  • practicality, its use being similar to that of classic lingerie;
  • respect for health and privacy, thanks to a composition free of toxic substances and external use;
  • comfort, offered by the use of soft and breathable materials, such as cotton, and an absence of sensation of humidity;
  • discretion, since it is invisible under clothing, even tight-fitting, and odorless;
  • ease of maintenance, with a quick rinse and machine wash with the rest of the laundry;
  • respect for the environment, its use can be done for several years without losing effectiveness.
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Reservations about period underwear

Menstrual lingerie is sometimes criticized for the few disadvantages it can present:

  • the price, with prices varying on average from €20 to €60 (investment quickly pays off due to the durability of menstrual underwear, compared to the cost of disposable sanitary protection);
  • the need to invest in several copies, since a minimum of 3 menstrual panties is recommended to rotate correctly during the same cycle;
  • a somewhat long drying time, especially for ultra-absorbent models intended for very heavy flows.

Reviews of Perdième menstrual panties

At Perdième, we collect customer feedback on our website and on Trustpilot . And here, among others, are some of the opinions you can read there:

  • “Pretty, reliable and comfortable menstrual panties”;
  • “They are even more beautiful in real life! » ;
  • “Beautiful, feminine, comfortable and efficient, they are perfect! » ;
  • “Just wow design”;
  • “Superb, comfortable, efficient, what more could you ask for? » ;
  • “The prettiest brand of menstrual panties”;
  • " To try it is to adopt it ! » ;
  • “Buy their panties with your eyes closed”;
  • “Never disappointed by Perdième”.

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How to form your own opinion on menstrual panties?

Study the comparisons

Many people have tested different models of menstrual panties, compared them to each other and shared their observations on the Internet. Some have even written very complete files with detailed opinions and comparative tables, such as Mélanie Duféey's guide on her blog Chaudron Pastel . You can consult these resources to benefit from a panoramic view of the products available on the market and their main characteristics.

Read customer reviews

On consumer review platforms or directly on brand websites, you can read comments and feedback from those who have already placed an order. This provides an idea of ​​overall satisfaction, linked among other things to the quality of the products, but also to that of the services provided, such as delivery and after-sales service.

Go to the store

Visit the store to observe, touch and try the products; you will then be assured of choosing the model that suits you perfectly, in terms of size, texture, comfort and aesthetics.

Do your own tests

Finally, to form a realistic and reliable opinion, there is nothing better than to rely on your own experience! Start by purchasing a model, test it for several consecutive cycles and see if the menstrual panties convince you. If this is the case, expand your collection by buying the same model or opting for other ranges or brands, just to find the Holy Grail: the menstrual panties that satisfy you in every way.

What if you tried it with Perdième menstrual underwear ?!

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