Everything you need to know about menstrual lingerie

Ensemble de lingerie menstruelle Perdième modèle Macao

Menstrual lingerie means something to you... A friend has already told you about her period panties : “A revolution! I don't know how we managed without it! ". You've also seen ads on TV, on Insta and TikTok, where brands and influencers extol the merits of this healthy, effective and practical option for living your period well . But hey, you're skeptical... “ Washable underwear that absorbs menstrual discharge as well as a sanitary napkin or tampon , without diaper effect , without leaking , without odors ? Yeah, to see…” Well yes, to see! Discover with Perdième what menstrual lingerie is, what and who it is used for, when to wear it and how to use it properly.

What is menstrual lingerie?

So-called “menstrual” underwear is underwear specifically designed to collect period blood in menstruating people. It's a 2-in-1: classic lingerie bottoms incorporating washable hygienic protection. It is therefore part of the category of reusable external intimate protection. The flagship model: menstrual panties . It appeared in 2014 in the United States then in 2017 in France. Since then, it has been a real plebiscite. To the point of being preferred, especially by the younger generation, to traditional disposable periodic protection, certain references from major brands were singled out in 2016 by 60 million consumers for their questionable composition. Building on this success, period panties have since grown. The range of menstrual lingerie has expanded, offering models adapted to all flows, all body shapes and all uses: shorty , tanga, thong, swimsuit.

Menstrual shorty Perdième model Macao

Menstrual lingerie, why adopt it?

There are many reasons to opt for menstrual panties and their various variations. Menstrual underwear is, among other things:
  • hygienic,
  • comfortable,
  • practical,
  • discreet,
  • easy to use,
  • easy to maintain,
  • and ecological.
Perdième ribbed organic cotton menstrual lingerie set

It includes several technical layers, each playing its role in collecting menstrual losses: drainage, absorption, waterproofing, neutralization of humidity and odors. Equipped with this absorbent power and this capacity to retain liquids, menstrual lingerie can also be used to capture other bodily fluids than menstrual blood: metrorrhagia, white discharge during and outside pregnancy , lochia or even urinary leakage. . Versatile, period underwear is an everyday ally ( per diem ) for respecting women's health and intimate hygiene .

Menstrual lingerie, for whom exactly?

For everyone who needs it! Menstrual lingerie is aimed at all women, at every moment of their life and according to the intimate issues they face:

  • adolescent girls, just after menarche or during their first years of menstruation, during which the menstrual cycle is often uneven;
  • women of childbearing age, experiencing more or less regular cycles, more or less intense PMS , with more or less heavy periods;
  • pregnant women, prone to bleeding at the start of pregnancy and white discharge;
  • postpartum mothers, affected by lochia and other vaginal discharge following childbirth;
  • women in premenopause, a period often marked by irregular periods;
  • postmenopausal women, particularly exposed to the risk of urinary leakage .
Menstrual lingerie for all women

Menstrual lingerie, when to wear it?

As often as you want: sometimes, frequently or all the time! Adapting to all situations, menstrual lingerie can be worn:

  • day or night, thanks to a more or less covering cut on the buttocks and hips;
  • at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the cycle, depending on the variations in its flow from one cycle to another or during the same cycle;
  • out of cycle, to absorb all types of intimate losses;
  • at home or away, using a practical carrying pouch ;
  • during his sports sessions ;
  • during your vacation at the sea or by the pool, thanks to the menstrual swimsuit , resistant to chlorine and salt;
  • in complete privacy and in good company, thanks to attractive aesthetic models: colorful patterns, precious lace , flattering lines .
Precious lace menstrual lingerie set Perdième

Menstrual lingerie, how to do it?

Above all, it’s about thinking carefully about your purchase in advance. Several criteria should be considered when choosing your menstrual underwear :

  • the flow ;
  • the context ;
  • usage;
  • the cup ;
  • the composition ;
  • the style ;
  • the price ;
  • brand values.

Then, using a periodic bottom is very simple:

  • we put it on like a classic lingerie bottom;
  • we wear it for several consecutive hours depending on its flow (maximum 8 hours in a row);
  • once removed, rinse it and wash it in the machine with the rest of your laundry.

Finally, it is important to make sure you take good care of your period underwear. As explained in our use and care guide for Perdième menstrual panties , each piece of menstrual lingerie is:

Natural soap for rinsing menstrual lingerie

Now you know everything about menstrual lingerie. All you have to do is let yourself be tempted by one of our Perdième models , to test it for yourself and have your own experience.

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