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<transcy>Patterned design 2021 - 2022<br></transcy>

Exclusive patterns like an invitation to travel...

Nairobi, Macao, Pondicherry, Budapest, Osaka? Where will your next destination be?

Nairobi: invitation to the tropics

the fleur-de-lis sublimated wax style

Pondicherry, a touch of India

...colorful and bright...

"Abundant light; splendor. Summer imposes itself and forces every soul to happiness."

― André Gide

Macao: exotic, refined...

... while being so elegant

"Eternity Is the sea mingled with the sun."

― Arthur Rimbaud

Budapest: classic and elegant...

...to please yourself above all else...

"She also says that if there were neither sea nor love no one would write books."

― Marguerite Duras

Osaka, the delicacy of cherry blossoms

... everyday poetry

"She shone with the serenity of the moon after the rain"

― Yukio Mishima