Menstrual swimwear

Period swimwear for a discreet yet elegant outdoor experience

Our swimsuits are available!


Discover the new range of Perdième menstrual swimsuits.

Designed like our period panties, the period swimsuit lets you feel free and beautiful on the beach or by the pool even when you have your period.

How does a period swimsuit work?

Our jersey has an absorption capacity of 1 to 2 medium tampons (about 10ML) which corresponds to light to medium flows

The technical part of our swimsuits is about 1mm thick, it goes up about 3cm below the waist on the front and 8cm on the back. It's absolutely invisible, there are no seams on the outside to tell that it's a period swimsuit.

Yet our menstrual range ensures maximum safety when you go into the water or if you stay by the pool.

Your flows are absorbed and maintained by the absorbent cotton which has the particularity of not swelling on contact with water

The soft PUL film insulates perfectly and prevents any leaks when you come out of the water, so as not to stain your swimsuit.

What to do when you have your period at the beach?

The Perdième menstrual swimsuit allows you to swim without the risk of leaks or stains when you have your period. Simply put on your menstrual panty without any other hygienic protection, if you are on light flow days (beginning or end of cycle) or use your menstrual panty in addition to a tampon or a cup. Finally free to enjoy the beach every day of the month with your Perdième menstrual swimsuit.

It's the revolution!