Pretty period panties?
Obviously !
Discover our new menstrual swimsuits

Comfortable and aesthetic menstrual lingerie to continue living normally

Perdième is a responsible and committed company: all of our production is carried out in Portugal in a family factory and 100% of the materials that make up your lingerie are sourced in Europe. Discover our range of French menstrual panties

Non-invasive and non-toxic
No more intrusive menstrual products with toxic agents: listen to your body

All day absorbency
You can keep your panties up to 12 hours depending on your flow thanks to the super absorbent bamboo fiber

Feminine, colorful and original
Tired of black panties? at Perdième all our patterns are exclusive colorful collaborations

Using pads and other commercially available protections during period of menstruation is considered by many women as a constraint that bothers them on a daily basis and prevents them from practicing their favorite activities. That's why our Perdième brand creates extremely reliable and very soft menstrual panties for active women who love beautiful lingerie and want to be perfectly protected in all circumstances.

Take a different course by selecting your new period underwear online!

Why choose Perdième menstrual underwear?

Perdième menstrual pads combine three essential qualities:

  • our panties are hygienic: by rinsing them in cold water after use and then washing them in the washing machine, you will keep them in perfect condition for a long time. Very natural, the super-absorbent bamboo viscose and the soft PUL film perfectly isolate the flow and prevent leaks
  • our materials and our designs guarantee comfort and well-being for this problematic period that returns cyclically every month. You feel just as good as in your favorite classic lingerie
  • the creativity of our designers allows us to present you with aesthetic menstrual lingerie that is a change from what is on the market. Inspiration comes from different worlds: flora and fauna, art deco, travel, heavenly worlds from here and elsewhere, etc.

    Different sizes are available: from 34 to 46.

    What materials are used to create our period briefs?

    Because you no longer want period protection that includes harmful agents for your health, we offer you high-end underwear lined in organic jersey cotton, grown without pesticides or chemicals, gentle on the skin, and highly resistant to be both durable and healthy. The anti-bacterial organic cotton is also thin enough to be forgotten. The softness is provided by the very light microfibre with a silky touch, invisible under clothing. All our materials come from Europe: Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. They are organic or GOTS or Oekotex Standard-100 certified.

    The menstrual shorty is more covering and therefore more reassuring for some women. Its high waist hides the small roundness of the belly (common during menstruation). The lace menstrual panties are very feminine, well cut, slightly high-cut and infinitely delicate. If your choice is menstrual panties with lace, you can be sure of their good hold throughout the day thanks to elastic bands that do not mark the skin.

    Trendy cuts and styles of our menstrual lingerie sets

    Comfortable period bras and panties go together harmoniously: colorful but discreet, like tone on tone, with exclusive prints, the different models adapt to all women, whether they are round or rather thin. You can coordinate classic panties or menstrual panties with a feminine triangle-shaped top without underwiring according to your tastes and desires of the moment!

    You want to feel beautiful at any time of the month and that's normal: our designers take great care to vary the styles of their creations and to offer attractive and contemporary colours.

    Also discover our seasonal eco packs (Autumn/Summer…) including two printed menstrual panties at a low price, nicely arranged in a gift box.

    Menstrual panties: for what purpose?

    There is a Perdième panty for each day of menstruation: our customers buy an average of 5 panties or shortys to meet their different needs: either moderate to heavy flow, or heavy to very heavy flow For each of them between them, no leakage is possible despite a technical part of a very thin thickness at the crotch (between 1 and 2mm depending on absorption)

    Menstrual underwear for medium to heavy flow

    At the beginning and end of periods, protection for medium to heavy flow is generally sufficient. We therefore offer panties in organic jersey cotton certified GOTS (organic textile) with an absorption that corresponds to 2 or 3 medium tampons.

    Menstrual underwear for heavy to very heavy flow

    In the middle of your period, and for women who prefer to play it safe, we have created the ideal panties: well designed for heavy to very heavy flow. Its absorption is equivalent to 5 or 6 medium tampons.

    Do you want to order? Benefit from tailor-made services

    If you want a period bra and shortys or a bra and period low rise panties to be sent quickly, you can order online after choosing your size and adding the desired quantity to the basket. After validation, we prepare the order as soon as possible (2 to 3 working days) so that you receive it very quickly.

    Contact one of our Perdième advisers to find out more about the manufacture of our menstrual underwear or more specifically about one of our creations!



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