Buy Perdième menstrual panties online and in eco-responsible stores

Vitrine de boutique éco-responsable avec ensemble de lingerie menstruelle Pondichéry Perdième

A friend told you about it a few months ago: “Don’t you know about menstrual panties ? Me, I only wear that! ". Doubtful, you have inquired about this alternative to traditional hygienic protection . You have then discovered the many advantages of period panties . Intrigued, you continued to explore the subject. “Yes, but I still want to wear pretty lingerie during my period , not some kind of diaper or granny panties…” And you came across our menstrual underwear models : lingerie sets coordinated that are both efficient, comfortable and aesthetic. Now you feel ready to try this new generation periodic protection . Only one question remains unanswered: where to buy Perdième period panties ? Practical answer in this article.

Buy Perdième menstrual panties on the brand's online store

You will find all our lingerie pieces – menstrual panties , classic panties and matching bras – on the Perdième e-shop . You can easily consult our product sheets from the comfort of your home, place an order in a few clicks and have your package delivered directly to your home.
Beyond the simple act of purchasing, the Perdième site allows you to learn more about the brand: understand our origins , know how our underwear is made or even discover the international artists with whom we collaborate to design our designs. exclusive.
Purchasing Perdième menstrual and classic underwear is therefore possible from our e-boutique, a virtual store essential for a commercial activity in line with new consumption patterns.

However, offering you this unique online shopping option, 100% paperless, did not completely satisfy us. An essential aspect was missing from the customer relationship that we wish to develop: proximity. Hence our desire to distribute our products also in physical stores.
Sensitive to environmental issues , we choose businesses committed to an eco-responsible approach.

Perdième menstrual lingerie sets presented on hangers at Dressing Stratégie

Buy Perdième period panties in an eco-responsible store

Perdième’s eco-committed partner businesses

For the moment, Perdième items are available in two points of sale, which we tell you about below. But please know that we are looking to develop this type of partnership with other brands. We will keep you informed of any new distributors who are added to our list.

ETYKA in Nantes

Front of the eco-responsible Etyka store in Nantes
  • In short: in Russia and Poland, “ethical” is called “Etyka”. A common term that makes sense for Luc and Nicolas, the two founders of the eponymous brand, originally from these two countries. Their ambition is therefore stated: to present in their Nantes store a wide range of ethical products, “made with strict respect for humans, animals and the planet”.
  • Zoom of the front of the eco-responsible Etyka store in Nantes
    Selection: eco-responsible fashion clothing and accessories for men, women and children, eco-designed lingerie, handmade jewelry, natural cosmetics, bio-sourced or recycled sports equipment, organic delicatessen.
  • Commitments: made in France (80% of items currently on sale are French-made, the remaining 20% ​​come from Europe), organic and the circular economy.
  • Perdième models distributed: Osaka and Nairobi pattern sets.
  • Address: ETYKA , 7 rue Voltaire 44000 NANTES


Front of the eco-responsible Dressing Responsible store in Paris
  • In short: “information platform for a wardrobe that makes sense”, Dressing Stratégie is an ethical and ecological fashion boutique, created in 2015. The founder, Émilie Hubert, passionate about fashion, sustainable development and entrepreneurship, offers “cutting-edge and inspired shopping selections, promoting quality without ever forgetting style”.
  • Selection: fashion clothing and accessories for men and women, lingerie and homewear, jewelry.
  • Commitments: ecological raw materials and manufacturing processes, compliance with fair trade rules, made in France and made in Europe for closer and more transparent production circuits, recycling with upcycling (“recycling” ) . from above”, i.e. the revaluation of used materials and products).
  • Perdième models distributed: all our sets, that is to say the Osaka, Nairobi, Pondicherry, Macao and Budapest patterns.
  • Address: RESPONSIBLE DRESSING , 13 rue des Récollets 75010 PARIS

But actually, what is an eco-responsible store?

A business is qualified as “eco-responsible” when it integrates sustainable development issues into its activities and operations.

Eco-responsibility is a global approach that seeks to jointly:

  • limit impacts on the environment (resource management, reduction of the carbon footprint, reduction of waste, etc.);
  • and take into account societal issues (working conditions, economy, health, accessibility, sustainability, etc.)

An ecologically and ethically committed store therefore strives to promote responsible consumption, that is to say, one that is environmentally conscious, economically viable and profitable, respectful of health and beneficial for society. This translates for example into:

  • the use of materials from organic or recycled agriculture;
  • the implementation of manufacturing techniques limiting the use of natural resources and chemical substances;
  • respect for workers’ rights;
  • reducing transport and promoting traditional know-how thanks to local and regional production;
  • management of end-of-life products.

Why distribute your products in eco-responsible physical stores?

Promote proximity

Perdième chooses to sell its lingerie items in several physical stores in medium and large cities, for a direct, human and personalized purchasing experience.

The Nairobi Perdième bra at Dressing Responsible

You can thus:

  • see first-hand the quality of our underwear – shape, fabrics, details, finishes;
  • appreciate the beauty, finesse and colors of our original patterns;
  • touch our products to see the nature and thickness of the materials used;
  • try on our underwear to find the right size and judge their comfort;
  • ask for information and advice from local merchants and salespeople who know the brand, will be able to answer your questions and will be happy to help you;
  • participate in one-off events, organized to share Perdième news with our community.

Supporting the ethical fashion market

Perdième menstrual lingerie sets presented on hangers Perdième offers lingerie:
  • free from substances harmful to health;
  • designed with materials sourced in Europe;
  • designed in France then made in Portugal in a family factory that respects the well-being of its employees and practices fair remuneration;
  • specialized in collecting menstrual flow, replacing traditional hygienic protection which represents very high pollution, particularly plastic.

    So many elements that make it a player, on the production side, in the ethical fashion market.

    Eco-responsible boutique Responsible Dressing Going through a relay such as an eco-responsible store allows you to support the entire chain, right up to the distribution stage. Like the vision of Émilie Hubert , creator of Responsible Dressing : “This is why I created Responsible Dressing with which I have given myself the mission of offering the distribution side, the profound renovation that all ethical brands have made to the production aspect, with the aim of building a new fashion market, equipped with its own codes and objectives resolutely focused on eco-responsibility and the collective interest. »

    Now that you know where to buy our menstrual panties and matching bras, don't hesitate to visit us, virtually or physically!

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