Perdième: how was the brand born?

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Perdième is a French company which offers menstrual and classic women's underwear , with colorful, original and exclusive patterns . Our lingerie is designed for each day of women's intimate lives, from adolescence to post-menopause. It combines comfort, safety, modernity, elegance and creativity. Showing you the underside of Perdième is both introducing you to our products – period and traditional panties , matching bras – and revealing behind the scenes of the brand – history, news, events, partnerships, etc. Our additional publications on social networks and on this blog will allow you to get to know us little by little, (lingerie) article after (newspaper) article. But let's not skip ahead: a first meeting means an official presentation. Before we go any further, let us tell you how the story began.

Portrait of the founder of the Perdième brand

Safe and aesthetic menstrual lingerie: the gem… to (re)invent!

Perdième products have been available on its online sales site since February 2021. From an external point of view, we can consider this date as that of the official birth of the brand. But from the inside, it saw the light of day much earlier in the mind of Flore, the founder.

Pads and tampons, in the trash once and for all

In 2019, after a first pregnancy, this new mother needs to use classic periodic protection again. However, the observation is there: sanitary napkins and tampons are no longer satisfactory options. Intrusive, loaded with toxic substances dangerous to health, sources of pollution for our planet, they no longer meet the essential criteria for valid protection. The young woman then became interested in new developments in this area and discovered menstrual panties.

Period panties, a revolution! But, there is always a catch…

An entrepreneur for several years, Flore is seduced by this new technology. An ingenious combination of standard panties and an integrated, ultra-thin and discreet towel, menstrual panties allow external absorption of the menstrual flow, preserving the intimate microbiota. The healthy materials that make it up ensure respect for the skin in direct contact with the fabric. Washable and reusable, it helps reduce both the cost of purchase in the long term and the number of waste harmful to our ecosystem. Finally, it contributes to better consideration of the female body and well-being.

However, satisfaction is not complete.

The trigger: “I don’t find myself in the current offer of menstrual panties”

This first generation of period panties includes a fairly limited range of models: the colors are basic, dark and plain. It's missing that little something that makes all the difference: style! Where is beauty visible? Where has the originality gone?

Besides, it's only about panties. The coordinated set does not exist. Those who like to wear matching pieces find themselves forced to pair their mostly black menstrual panties with a bra of the same color. A little sad for the already often difficult days of this time of the month.

After numerous fruitless searches, Flore remains without a suitable solution. Are her expectations shared by other consumers? Are they also frustrated at not finding THE gem? The idea of ​​creating it yourself, for yourself, and for others is born and germinates.

It’s the start of Perdième!

At the heart of the development of Perdième: freedom, self-love, elegance

Perdième was thus born from the simple observation that women could gain in well-being and personal fulfillment if the offer of menstrual lingerie was more varied and more sought-after.

The brand then developed on founding principles.

First, there is freedom – to protect, dress and display one's body according to one's own opinions; to move without hindrance; to experience your menstrual cycle as best as possible; to free oneself from the norms imposed by society and its conformism.

But this freedom still needs to be able to be expressed. Very often, the physical complexes that many women suffer from push them to hide what they consider to be imperfections. They do not allow themselves to be imaginative, for fear of being criticized. It therefore seems important to us to promote self-love. Cultivate kindness towards yourself to give yourself the choice of effective, safe and rewarding protection.

Finally, because fashion must be pleasure and fun for those who wear it, Perdième cares about beauty. The company collaborates with international designers, specialized in pattern design, to develop unique and elegant textile creations that invite you to travel.

e-shop and blog for the official launch of Perdième

The Perdième boutique went online on February 22, 2021, following a crowdfunding campaign organized on the Ulule platform in fall 2020. Because it wants to offer wearable underwear every day of the month for everyone. women, the brand has in its product range menstrual panties, classic panties and matching bras, with removable cups for greater adaptability and comfort.

In addition to the e-shop, Perdième wanted to open and keep this journal . Through this medium, we want to share our universe, highlight our uniqueness, give useful explanations about our underwear, communicate on related subjects that are important to us and contribute to the creation of a community. You will therefore find articles dealing with current events in Perdième, intimacy, women and feminism , or even arts and cultures that inspire us.

Now that you know us a little better, it's up to you to try the Perdième adventure! If you have suggestions for articles you would like to read, if you feel the urge to share your expertise on certain subjects, or for any other reason, do not hesitate to contact us. To do this, write to us via our contact form or on our social networks, Instagram and Facebook .

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