Period. Lingerie renamed Perdième

Animation changement de nom Period. Lingerie devient Perdième

Choosing a name for your brand is both an ambitious and exciting exercise. Naming your business means giving it life; it is to give it its identity. A few syllables or a few words, like a magic formula with strong evocative power, to represent its products, carry its ambitions and embody its values. This is a crucial issue that should not be overlooked.

Aware of these strong implications and eager to best translate its vision, Period. Lingerie is now changing its name to Perdième . Here we explain the motivations and conditions for this great change.

Why Period. Lingerie becomes Perdième?

Perdième, a name that makes sense

Derived from the Latin phrase per diem , which means “per day”, Perdième aims to offer women delicate, elegant, comfortable and original lingerie for every day of their lives. A dose of softness and well-being that envelops them daily.
At Perdième, we love this notion of time passing , day after day , little by little, like this femininity and this body which change and fluctuate throughout the journey .

Even if Perdième's ambition is to export its underwear beyond France, it was important to adopt a French-sounding name: Perdième is a French company, and proud of it! Hence the use of a Latin root, which subtly refers to its origins.
The added serious accent is for the extra detail that makes all the difference, the distinctive and refined touch, such as the sharpness of the patterns printed on our creations or the finesse of their lace.

Third, a unique name

In order to introduce you to our range of menstrual panties , we initially chose the name Period. Lingerie. The latter directly evoked menstruation, the term period designating periods in English.
Due to its explicit and international side, this word is widely used in the world of periodic protection; many brands have integrated it into their name, as is, in a derived or compound manner. It therefore seemed ultimately too general and not very differentiating. However, our products are different: it is essential that our name is different too!

Choosing a more original name like Perdième ensures that you identify us and find us more quickly and easily on the Web, since we only sell online. A single Perdième entity for exclusive, easily recognizable underwear. Uniqueness and immediacy.

Why Period. Lingerie becomes Perdième now?

We are making this change only a few weeks after the official launch of our site and online store , active since February 2021. Why this temporal choice? Because we wanted to make this transition quickly, at the start of the adventure, before it took on its full scope. It is already difficult to modify such a characteristic for a brand in its infancy, so we knew that the more our reputation grew, the more complex the process would be! You might as well get started as quickly as possible once the new name has been selected.

Concretely, what is changing?

Just the terminology. Everything else, we keep! Because our products, our quality standards, our commitments and our values ​​remain unchanged. As we explained to you in our article on the genesis of the brand , the fundamentals of Perdième, which are freedom, self-love and elegance, remain. They have just found a new banner under which to develop and continue.

Perdième is a continuation of Period. Lingerie. We opted for a sound close to the original name and kept our visual identity, so as not to stray too far from our first loves, to which we remain faithful!

The only consequences from a practical point of view: our site becomes and the contact email address for customer service changes to .

Stories of big names: when Latin inspires

We are not the only ones to have drawn our inspiration from the Latin repertoire.

ASICS, Lego, Nivea. We all know these big brands. Just reading their emblematic name, a whole universe spontaneously imposes itself on our mind. But can we measure to what extent the choice of their name permeates this universe and contributes to their legend?

ASICS or Anima Sana In Corpore Sano : “a healthy soul in a healthy body”. By choosing to adapt and abbreviate the Latin formula of the Roman poet Juvénal Mens sana in corpore sano – “a healthy mind in a healthy body” – Kihachiro Onitsuka, the Japanese founder of the sports equipment brand, printed it his desire to advocate a healthy lifestyle through the practice of physical activity.

“Play nice” with Lego! Through its name, a contraction of the Danish expression leg godt , which literally means “play well”, the toy giant invites young and old to have fun with its famous colorful and interlocking bricks. The story goes that creator Ole Kirk Christiansen only realized several years after this choice that in Latin, lego , from the verb legere , can be translated as “I assemble”. A fortuitous but very happy coincidence!

Nivea and immaculate whiteness. Feminine of the Latin adjective niveus , nivea means "white as snow". Skin as pure and fresh as the famous cream in its legendary navy blue metal box is the promise made by the cosmetic care brand through its name.

These examples reveal the symbolic significance that a brand name can have. Even before becoming behemoths in their field, these companies understood it well: their name is the first essential vector for expressing the benefit that their product(s) bring(s) to their consumers. Perdième wishes to follow this same vein: an option of pretty underwear per day of the women's cycle.

Perdième therefore takes over from Period. Lingerie. In the same way that we advocate the freedom as a woman to make her own choices without hindrance and to have control over her body, we felt free to make this change for the good and the future of our brand.
It’s a name that makes sense to us. It is a reflection of our relevance, our credibility and our authenticity in the menstrual and classic lingerie market. We hope that it will also take on its full meaning for you in the months and years to come, day by day, or rather per diem .

Written by cd