Everything about the menstrual thong

String menstruel Perdième

Fine, discreet, flattering, glamorous for some; uncomfortable, unsightly, daring, vulgar for others; the thong leaves no one indifferent. Opinions are often very clear-cut about it: we either love it or we hate it. For all those who have adopted it and wear it very regularly, even daily, it can be difficult to do without it, including during menstruation days. The solution: the menstrual thong ! Lighter and sexier than its big sister, period panties , it allows menstruating people to wear their favorite piece of lingerie throughout their period , and even their menstrual cycle . But what is it exactly? What benefits does it offer? Who is he talking to ? And how to use it? Let's not pull the string any longer, let's examine the period string from all angles together!

Perdième menstrual thong detail

What is a menstrual thong?

Little brother of menstrual panties , the period thong has the same essential mission: to absorb the blood flow associated with menstruation, at the start of each cycle. A clever cross between a classic thong and a washable sanitary napkin, it combines the advantages of these two devices.

Its shape, which completely reveals the buttocks, provides the lightness and sensuality usually sought for this type of underwear. Undetectable under the tightest outfits, he knows how to stand out only when desired, in complete privacy.
Its absorbent function is ensured by a central technical part, so thin that it is invisible from the outside. This, located at the crotch, is made of a superposition of three layers with specific and complementary properties:
  • an internal organic cotton fabric, respectful of the skin, which captures vaginal discharge directly from the vulva;
  • an intermediate layer with strong absorption power, which collects and retains liquids in the heart of the underwear;
  • an external insulating film, an anti-leak barrier which prevents the transfer of blood to the outside and thus avoids stains.

In short, the menstrual thong is the ideal lingerie bottom to feel protected, light, free to move and highlighted on menstrual days.

Menstrual thong Perdième back

Why choose the periodic string?

The Perdième period thong shares the many advantages of menstrual panties . Effective in absorbing various intimate fluids – blood discharge, white discharge, urinary leakage – it is practical, healthy, comfortable, easily washable, durable and aesthetic.

In addition, it stands out with very specific advantages. With its very low cut, it is light to carry, on your person as well as in your luggage, when it comes to managing your periods on vacation, and does not get hot. Its drying after washing is even faster. Its iconic string helps prevent unsightly marks under all clothing, even the most fitted: tight dress, tight skirt, slim pants, skinny jeans, close-fitting shorts. This discretion is particularly appreciable in the summer, when temperatures rise and outfits become lighter, or in special circumstances, when a flattering outfit helps you look your best – evening, appointment, interview, etc. . Aficionados who wear it daily do not need to change their habits during their period; they can continue to wear their favorite underwear, whatever the day of the month. For those who prefer to vary the pleasures, it is a good way to alternate between the different models of menstrual underwear , according to the evolution of their flow during the menstruation or their desire of the moment. Finally, it highlights the curve of the buttocks and hips, a nice way to feel beautiful and desirable and to boost your self-confidence in all circumstances. The negative effects and mood changes linked to the hormonal cycle will only be a little more bearable.

The period thong, for whom?

Due to its minimalist shape, the menstrual thong is suitable for very light to light flows. It can be worn throughout the entire period, if the low intensity blood flow is constant. For all those whose flow varies during their periods, it is useful at the beginning or end of menstruation, when bleeding is less abundant. In addition to other internal periodic protection such as the cup or the hygienic tampon, it acts as a second anti-leak barrier, for double security. It is also effective in collecting vaginal discharge and small sporadic spotting -type bleeding throughout the menstrual cycle.

How to use the menstrual thong?

This category of period underwear is used like classic underwear: it is put on in the early morning and removed at the end of the day, for total protection for 10 to 12 hours on average. If the need to change it arises along the way, it can easily be slipped into its airtight storage pouch . Fully lined in waterproof fabric, it guarantees safe and discreet transport, without leaks or odors, until you return home. The Perdième period thong can also be worn at night, in case of low nocturnal losses. Once removed, it is rinsed with cold water, if necessary with a natural stain remover soap to remove any small residual traces. When the absorbent insert has completely drained, simply slip the underwear into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. Washing at 30°C, if possible in a special net to protect it from any snags, then drying in the open air will make the menstrual underwear clean again and usable during the next cycle. For more details, the advice given in the use and care guide for Perdième menstrual panties also applies to the thong version.

Perdième menstrual thong in bathroom

If the classic thong has found a place of choice in your wardrobe, then its periodic version will convince you when it comes to managing your periods. As a daily underwear or one-off solution under a tight-fitting outfit, the Perdième menstrual thong will accompany all those who have a light flow, with complete efficiency, discretion and sensuality!

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