Menstrual panties - True or False

La culotte menstruelle : levons les idées reçues

Menstrual panties : a real revolution that has shaken up the feminine intimate hygiene market since its appearance in the United States in 2014. In France, 8% of French women bought period panties in 2020 1 . And this only seems to be the beginning. In an Ifop 2 study from March 2021, 69% of women interviewed who had never used this innovative method of protection said they were completely willing to try it. But then, why not have already taken the plunge? What are the aprioris that can slow down the adoption of this alternative to traditional periodic protection ? Together, let's review the common misconceptions about period underwear .

Menstrual panties are not hygienic: False

The primary purpose of menstrual panties, as its name suggests, is to collect the blood lost during menstruation. It is therefore designed so that it best fulfills this function, while respecting intimate hygiene. To do this, Perdième menstrual underwear has three technical layers with specific and complementary properties:

  • a first layer in direct contact with the skin which, thanks to its organic cotton, soft, breathable and treated against the development of bacteria, drains the liquid towards the lower layers and limits the sensation of humidity;
  • a second layer of bamboo viscose, which gives the underside its strong absorption power, retains fluids and captures odors;
  • a waterproof exterior fabric, anti-leak and anti-stain barrier, which protects your clothes.

Menstrual panties are zero leaks: 99% true

Chosen in accordance with the nature of its flow and used in compliance with the precautions for use, period panties are an effective device that protects you against leaks. Obviously, it is possible that during the discovery phase of this new system, there will be some failures. But it’s just time for adaptation!

Menstrual panties are more comfortable and discreet than a sanitary napkin: True

A sanitary napkin, whether disposable or reusable, is a removable device; it necessarily needs to be held in place by self-adhesive wings, Velcro fasteners or snap buttons. When you move, it is therefore likely to shift, back and forth or sideways, which can cause leaks, stains and even irritation due to friction. Conversely, period panties are designed in one piece: they therefore conform to the shape of the body and stay in place. In cotton jersey, Perdième menstrual lingerie is gentle on your skin. With a thickness of a few millimeters, it has no “layer” effect and remains discreet under your clothes, even tight-fitting ones.

Menstrual panties are not suitable for heavy flows: False

Perdième has adapted to all types of flows and all body types, so that everyone can benefit from this femtech innovation . In fact, two models of menstrual underwear are available for sale on our e-boutique and in eco-responsible stores :

  • Menstrual panties for light to heavy flows, with absorption equivalent to 2-3 medium tampons;
  • The menstrual shorty for heavy to very heavy flows, with a more covering shape on the buttocks and crotch for absorption of approximately 5-6 average tampons.
  • the menstrual thong or the menstrual tanga for lighter flows, white discharge or urinary leakage

Menstrual panties can be worn all day: True and False

Perdième menstrual lingerie offers you efficiency and comfort for up to 12 hours straight. But this duration depends on the nature of your menstrual flow. For very light to moderately heavy ones, you can easily go a whole day without fearing the slightest leak and without feeling the need to change. Regarding abundant to very abundant flows, the rotation frequency is necessarily higher. You will probably have to find a way to change protection during the day, which requires some logistics but remains doable.

Menstrual panties are not practical: False

Period panties are worn like classic panties. No need to familiarize yourself with any insertion or removal technique. The only reflex to acquire is the cleaning process between each use. To do this, nothing could be simpler, all you need to do is:

  • rinse it in cold water under the tap just after removing it, using a natural stain remover soap if necessary (if you cannot do this step right after use, soak it later to remove as many traces as possible before washing);
  • then wash it in the machine at 30°C, with your usual detergent, possibly isolated and protected from the rest of your laundry in a washing net ;
  • and let it air dry.

For even more practicality, you can use an airtight storage pouch when traveling.

Menstrual panties are recommended in the prevention of menstrual TSS: True

Menstrual toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious infection caused by the proliferation in the blood of a toxin produced by a specific strain of bacteria belonging to the Staphylococcus aureus family. This bacterial strain is naturally present in the vaginal microbial flora of 1 to 4% of women. Normally harmless, it can become dangerous when certain conditions are verified, in particular the prolonged wearing of intravaginal hygienic protection during menstruation. It is the stagnation of menstrual blood in the vagina for too long a period which provides a favorable development environment for bacteria and therefore for the production of toxins which are harmful to the body. Only internal hygienic protections – tampons and cups – have until now been implicated in the various reported cases of menstrual SCT. Even if zero risk does not exist, menstrual panties, through their extravaginal use, considerably limit the risk of occurrence of menstrual TSS.

Menstrual panties are suitable for teenagers' first periods: True

Since period panties do not need to be inserted into the vagina, they are easy to use, non-intrusive and reassuring. It is therefore ideal for young girls who, during their first cycles , are already disturbed by this great upheaval, are not necessarily comfortable with this intimate area of ​​their body and wish to experience this period of transition very gently. .

Menstrual panties are ugly: False

The first generation of all-black, maxi-wide menstrual panties, which looked more like granny panties than sexy underwear, are over! It was precisely because the offer seemed too classic and bland that the creator of Perdième embarked on the adventure . Then make way for flattering cuts, noble materials, original patterns, shimmering colors and coordinated sets with the matching bra !

Coordinated menstrual panties and Perdième bra set

Menstrual panties are intended only for menstruation: False

Period panties can collect all types of fluids: menstrual blood, spotting , vaginal discharge, urinary leakage. It can therefore be used from adolescence to menopause, depending on the needs linked to age and context (pregnancy, postpartum, etc.).

Period panties are an expensive purchase: True and False

We're not going to lie: with a price of around €40, the acquisition of menstrual underwear represents a significant expense in the short term. However, Perdième menstrual panties are reusable for approximately 5 years, without loss of effectiveness. It is a sustainable purchase and therefore profitable in the long term. In addition, to reduce the bill a little, you can opt for our eco packs and benefit from our promotional offers offered regularly throughout the year.

Eco pack 2 Summer menstrual panties

So, do you still have any doubts and questions about menstrual panties? If this is the case, don’t hesitate to let us know on our Instagram and Facebook profiles !

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  2. Ifop study for Eve and Co and 20 Minutes carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from March 18 to 19, 2021 with a sample of 1,009 women, representative of the French female population aged 15 to 49.