The menstrual swimsuit: myth or reality?

Maillot de bain menstruel Perdième

During their periods, menstruating people have until now oscillated between two options for managing their aquatic activities . Either they gave it up during this period of the menstrual cycle , or they wore internal hygienic protection such as a tampon or cup . Now, a third solution is available to them: the menstrual swimsuit . Cousin of period panties , they are made to absorb the menstrual flow during swimming and activities that are generally practiced in swimwear ( swimming , sunbathing , water sports , etc.). But many people doubt the ability of periodic swimwear to keep its promises. Does it really work? Can you actually go in the water ? Can it be worn in the sea as well as in the swimming pool ? Answers to the key questions that the uninitiated ask about period swimsuits .

What is a menstrual swimsuit?

The menstrual swimsuit is clothing specially designed for swimming when you have your period. Intended for menstruating people, it collects and retains menstrual blood when practicing water-related activities. It results from the ingenious fusion of a classic swimsuit and a washable sanitary towel. Therefore, it combines the specific and interesting properties of these two elements: elasticity, adjustability and quick drying of the traditional swimsuit; absorption power, anti-leak barrier, neutralization of odors and long-term reuse of this type of periodic protection.

Why wear a period swimsuit?

Whether daily or on vacation, wearing a period swimsuit allows, among other things:
  • to replace, vary or supplement the hygienic protection usually used for swimming, i.e. sanitary tampons and menstrual cups;
  • to escape possible pain felt when inserting and removing intravaginal protection when the menstrual flow is very light, at the beginning and end of periods;
  • to protect yourself against certain risks, such as menstrual toxic shock syndrome ;
  • to relieve your mind of some worries, such as the fear of running away or the fear of the string sticking out and rubbing off on your swimsuit;
  • to have the pleasure of participating in fun activities, without looking with envy at family or friends who are all having fun together;
  • to continue to benefit from the multiple benefits of your usual swimming session;
  • to drop the pants or shorts and cool down in case of extreme heat;
  • to fully enjoy your tourist or sporting stay.

Chiller in period swimsuit

Does period swimwear really work?

The periodic swimsuit aims to collect the blood lost during menstruation. It is therefore designed to best fulfill this function.

The Perdième period swimsuit includes:
  • a technical central part at the crotch level, specifically manufactured to capture and retain menstrual discharge;
  • an outer fabric in elastane, a preferred material for this type of clothing due to its elasticity, flexibility, resistance and quick drying properties.
The technical part is itself composed of:
  • a cotton fiber fabric with high absorbency, but which does not swell on contact with water;
  • a waterproof and waterproof film, an anti-leak and anti-stain barrier, which prevents the transfer of blood to the outside of the garment.

Thanks to this design and this particular composition, the Perdième menstrual swimsuit ensures its role of reusable periodic protection suitable for swimming.

Composition of menstrual swimsuit Perdième

Who is the period swimsuit for?

Obviously, this type of swimsuit is not suitable for all flows. No model is capable of collecting heavy or very heavy periods . It is therefore not indicated in the case of menorrhagia or early postpartum lochia .

With an absorption capacity of approximately 10 ml, the equivalent of one to two medium tampons, the Perdième menstrual swimsuit can be used:
  • alone, to absorb spotting , light menstrual flow – throughout the period or only at the beginning and end of periods –, as well as other low-intensity intimate losses – vaginal discharge and small urinary leaks ;
  • in addition to other internal hygienic protection, to collect heavy menstrual flow and avoid overflow.
Alone or combined, it also allows you to anticipate the arrival of menstruation, rarely right on time without hormonal contraception.

It is even more recommended for:
  • those who are afraid of inserting periodic protection into their vagina or who are at risk of suffering from it, such as adolescents or women with endometriosis ;
  • those who fear or have already had menstrual toxic shock syndrome;
  • those who practice free instinctive flow .

Can you swim in a menstrual swimsuit?

The answer is yes. The period swimsuit, as its name suggests, is above all a swimsuit! It is therefore made to go into the water, to swim energetically or to splash around peacefully. The materials which constitute it allow its immersion in an aqueous environment, without risk of swelling. No one finds themselves with the unpleasant feeling of walking around with a waterlogged sponge in their pants! Thanks to the combined action of absorbent cotton, waterproof film, stretch fabric and elastics which keep everything in place in contact with the body, blood cannot leak into the water. No danger of leaving an embarrassing mark in its wake.

In addition, there is no need to choose between swimming pool and beach: both are possible. The Perdième menstrual swimsuit is multi-use. Its elastane outer fabric resists both the chlorine of treated pool water and the natural salt of the seas and oceans.

How long can you wear a period swimsuit?

There are no rules (!). It depends on each individual, the nature of the flow, the context and their feelings. In the case of very light to slight losses, it is possible to keep it on for several hours, for a full sports session or even an entire day of vacation. For heavy flows, it is strongly recommended to combine it with internal protection; It is then the latter that you will have to make sure to change or empty frequently. In these good conditions of use, it is not necessary to change your swimsuit, even between each swim.

Perdième menstrual swimsuit bottoms

Is menstrual swimwear discreet enough?

Despite its large surface area for maximum absorption – 3 cm on the front and 8 cm in the back – the technical part of the Perdième period swimsuits is undetectable. It is only about 1mm thick and has no external seams. No diaper effect, no noise that goes “chouik-chouik” when moving. From the outside it looks like a completely normal swimsuit.

Swimming even when you have your period is now possible with the period swimsuit. Summer, like winter ; outdoors as well as indoors; in fresh, salt or chlorinated water. Still skeptical? The best way to be sure is to check it for yourself! Test the Perdième menstrual swimsuit , to enjoy swimming and moments of relaxation freely and peacefully all year round.

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