Christmas gift ideas: the Perdième 2021 selection

Cadeaux de Noël déposés au pied du sapin

Mid-December : the final stretch before the traditional end-of-year celebrations . These winter celebrations , often materialized by large family and friendly gatherings, are impatiently awaited by all unconditional Christmas lovers. They are also feared by some, subject to “natalophobia”, or decried by others, supporters of a less consumerist society. But for the majority, it's a race for big and small surprises ! Find the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one: an exhilarating treasure hunt for the optimists, an insoluble puzzle for the undecided, a real obstacle course for the latecomers. To help you in your quest for the Grail , Perdième has prepared a list of gift ideas for this Christmas 2021 . Draw inspiration from our selection of fashion, lingerie, jewelry, beauty and well-being, which is unisex, modern, eco-responsible and suitable for all budgets. And finally find the rare gem that will delight those around you – parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors. On to Christmas shopping !

Christmas gift ideas | Fashion and accessories

  • The white t-shirt in organic cotton Cul et shirts , a timeless unisex piece and infinitely customizable with pretty embroidered scratch-on badges, produced according to various themed collections – Summer, Cities of France, Flowers / Fruits, etc.

  • Based on the same fun concept but suitable for the little ones, the creative lemon blue children's sweatshirt , with a central scratchable area on which to create a joyful jumble of removable and interchangeable badges, to choose from several sets such as the Dada collection .

  • The Maison Hanami paradise pink hoodie , a revisited unisex basic featuring the work of artist Hugo Devoucoux, an invitation to travel to voluptuous sunny dunes.

Fashion Christmas gift ideas
  • The Faustine short floral print dress from Maison Alfa , a favorite of Kernelle , an e-shop offering a wide selection of eco-responsible clothing, jewelry and leather goods, imagined by “a new generation of creators concerned about people and the environment. environment ".

  • A KIT'smas Bleu tango , eclectic and graphic mix of beautiful surprises – scarf, pouch, notebook, etc. –, designed especially for Christmas by Lou, the creator of this eco-friendly fashion brand, inspired by her delicate watercolors.

  • The Divine Idylle Nêge set , containing feminine pajamas with a tender pastel floral pattern and a subtle pillow mist, the promise of winter nights filled with softness.

Fashion Christmas gift ideas
  • The Navy Wetsuit swim shorts , a classic in the men's wardrobe but in an ultra-clever improved version, with its completely waterproof right pocket to keep personal belongings – phone, keys or wallet – dry when swimming.

  • The Eliot sky blue Hindbag backpack , a doubly useful gift since it was made by women from the Punjabi Bagh district in Delhi, who are fairly paid, thanks to the partnership between the brand and the Indian NGO Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute.

  • A pair of Minuit sur terre vegan sneakers, made from eco-responsible, plant-based or recycled materials, such as the white Montalcino model for men, sober and elegant, and the Virevolte grand cru floral field model for women, original and finely embroidered.

Fashion Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas | Women's lingerie

  • Perdième menstrual panties , for medium to heavy flows, to choose between the different original and colorful models, bearing the name of distant destinations that call for escape – Osaka, Macao, Pondicherry, Nairobi, etc.

  • The Perdième Taipei menstrual shorty , suitable for heavy to very heavy flows.

  • The Perdième bra , comfortable and elegant, without underwire, with removable cups, available in the same patterns as menstrual panties and shorties, for a coordinated set.

  • The Lila Lookcat triangle bra , in Calais lace, made entirely by hand, like all the brand's creations – vibrant bralette, transparent panties, sexy bodysuit.

Lingerie Christmas gift ideas

    Christmas gift ideas | Jewelry

    Christmas jewelry gift ideas

    Christmas gift ideas | Beauty and care

    • The original La Crème Libre cream , a unisex facial moisturizer with a 100% natural formula suitable for normal skin, packaged in the form of an eco-filler to slip into a reusable concrete pot, designer and durable.

    • The Cosmoz Christmas set , including the trio of facial treatments for skin with imperfections, based on Manuka honey – cold saponified solid soap, anti-inflammation and healing serum, day and night moisturizing treatment –, a KUFU fabric pouch , a wooden soap dish and a pot of honey.

    • The Slolie x Ojie Christmas set , consisting of the very active multi-action Slolie face and hair serum and an Ojie scrunchie in silk twill, in punchy colors.

    Beauty Christmas gift ideas
    • The Baûbo Small Formats Christmas offer , a combination of three body and intimate balms, in a discovery format of 15 ml, to be carried in the Q pouch, to take care of all skin and mucous membranes.

    • Le Solaire Utopy solid cream shampoo , with floral and spicy notes, which transforms into a creamy and nourishing foam on contact with wet hair.

    • The Lizie Discovery Box , a multi-zone heating hair removal wax, natural and clean, packaged in an eco-responsible pot, for simple and safe use at home.

    Beauty Christmas gift ideas

    Christmas gift ideas | Experience and well-being

    • Aurore Lumière e-books , for astrology fans and enthusiasts of meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, holistic medicine or shamanism.

    • Papasauce's well-sauced packs , assortments of tasty and colorful sauces, to cook to delight the whole family with gourmet pasta dishes, particularly comforting during this period of extreme cold.

    Christmas gift ideas experience and well-being

    And you, where are you with your Christmas shopping? We hope this list will help you in your research... if there is still a little space left in your hood. Perdième wishes you a happy Christmas Eve !

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