Guide to the use and maintenance of Perdième menstrual panties

Entretien culotte menstruelle dans la salle de bain

Have you seen a television report on the rise of period panties ? Has a friend told you about her more than positive experience with this life-changing product? Or have you read several Instagram posts promoting this new method of protection ? This aroused your curiosity. Is right ! Menstrual panties are THE healthy, comfortable, economical and ecological hygienic protection . You like the concept but don't dare take the plunge yet. As an uninitiated person, you wonder about the relevance and sustainability of this investment. Or, that's it, you have placed your first order, have just received your package and can't wait to try out your new lingerie. As a novice, you are wondering how to properly wear and maintain it for maximum use . Rest assured, we'll give you all the explanations you need to enjoy the benefits of your Perdième period panties for as long as possible. Follow the leader !

How to use period panties

Test and tame period panties little by little

During the first months, do not hesitate to experiment to familiarize yourself with your recent acquisition. As with any change, it is normal to go through a period of adaptation. Take the time to make this new generation of underwear your own, to best anchor this habit in your daily life.

Test your panties in complete peace of mind, for example only at night, or only at home, to get an idea of ​​their absorption power in relation to your flow . Once you are confident and sure of its operation, you will feel more comfortable and will be able to extend its use during the day and outside your home.

Adapt the use of period panties according to the menstrual flow

Forget disposable pads and tampons that you had to remember to change several times a day. Its absorption capacity equivalent to 2-3 normal tampons allows you to wear your underwear for up to 10 hours straight. This duration is an estimated average which obviously depends on the nature of your menstrual flow.

For very light to moderately heavy flows, your underwear, once put on, is forgotten and you no longer need to worry about it until the evening.

For very heavy flows, you will probably need to combine your period panties with additional periodic protection, such as the menstrual cup , or to change them during the day. The ideal is then to have several copies, to take with you a spare pair of panties. A small storage pouch can be useful for carrying this replacement model and slipping the first panties into it once the change is made. This alternation allows you to be protected without interruption and equally throughout your cycle , to wear out your lingerie more slowly and to facilitate turnover between each wash.

How to wash period panties

Despite a certain cost to purchase, period panties are a long-lasting option that quickly pays for itself because they are reusable for up to 3 years . It will thus be able to accompany you for many cycles, on the sole condition that you take care of it.

Before first use

Perdième period panties are fully lined in antibacterial treated organic cotton , guaranteeing hygiene and absence of odors. However, it is strongly recommended to wash your menstrual panties before first use, as with any new clothing that you put in direct contact with your skin. In addition, this first wash has the effect of densifying the fiber of the absorbent zone, in bamboo viscose, and thus developing its absorption power. So put your underwear in the machine with the rest of your laundry at 40°C at most – once is enough – and let it air dry.

Then, you will get the hang of it very quickly, by following the three successive steps of a simple and effective cleaning procedure.

An easy-to-adopt 3-step maintenance routine

  • Step 1 : rinsing

As soon as you remove your panties, rinse them under cold tap water to remove as much blood as possible captured by the absorbent insert and wring them out by hand. Repeat the process until the water runs clear. If you decide not to put it in the machine right away, let it air dry while waiting for the next wash.

-> Recommendations:

  • Make sure the water is cold; warm or hot, it promotes the fixation of stains on the fabric because the heat cooks organic matter such as blood. Even if it remains fully functional, your panties would lose a little of their splendor by retaining traces of your previous menstruation.
  • There is no need to soak your panties, even during heavy periods; rinsing and wringing by hand is sufficient.
  • To remove very stubborn stains, it is possible to pre-wash the panties by rubbing them delicately – without a brush – with a natural stain remover soap .
  • When spinning, avoid twisting the garment too tightly to maintain its shape and technical properties.
  • If you opt for period panties in the case of slight urinary leakage or vaginal discharge, you can possibly skip this step and go directly to the next one.

  • Step 2 : washing

Your menstrual panties are suitable for machine washing: simply wash them at low temperature – 40°C maximum – with the rest of your laundry, selecting a light spin .

-> Recommendations:

  • No need to have a machine specially dedicated to your period underwear; once rinsed, they do not risk dirtying other pieces of your wardrobe.
  • Your menstrual lingerie is delicate; the zippers of other clothes quickly caught its fine lace or its seams. We advise you to place it in a specific washing net , to preserve its shape and aesthetic appearance.
  • Do not exceed 40°C; the absorbent part could be damaged.
  • If you prefer, you can clean your period panties by hand, with an appropriate detergent or soap, but it is preferable to put them in the machine at least once at the end of each cycle for optimal elimination of bacteria.
  • To respect your body, choose a gentle, hypoallergenic detergent, preferably organic and as clean as possible, without chemical substances such as paraben and synthetic perfume.
  • To avoid damaging the weaving of the absorbent area sensitive to chemicals and not altering its absorption qualities, do not use detergent or fatty soap – Marseille soap, black soap, Aleppo soap – as they tend to rinse less well and clog the pores of the insert, nor softener or softener – our microfiber is already ultra-soft – nor stain remover or corrosive product such as bleach, soda crystals, white vinegar, which could attack and deteriorate the fabrics.

  • Step 3 : drying

Once your panties are clean, hang them out and let them air dry , without an artificial heat source nearby. After complete drying, you have the choice of putting it on again during the same cycle or putting it away while waiting for your next period.

-> Recommendations:

  • Banish tumble dryers, radiators and hair dryers; although menstrual panties take a little longer to dry due to their different thicknesses, the use of such heat sources could risk weakening the waterproof leak-proof film.
  • For the same reason, we do not recommend ironing.
  • Turning your panties inside out so that the denser bottom faces outwards is an effective little tip to make drying easier and faster.

If you were already sensitive to the comfort and safety guarantees they promise, you now know that Perdième menstrual panties are easy to use and maintain.

In summary, the routine for washing your period panties is:

  • Immediate rinsing with clean water;
  • Machine wash at maximum 40°C with mild detergent;
  • Completely air dry.

Now, you have all the cards in hand to finally decide and, once won, keep your Perdième intimate protection (almost) like new for many years.

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