Meeting with Janine Lecour, the creator of our new “Nairobi” pattern

Portrait de Janine Lecour

On the occasion of the release of the brand new “Nairobi” pattern, exclusively for our brand Perdième, we had the pleasure of interviewing its creator, the American Janine Lecour . P attern designer , she creates prints for the fashion or interior decoration sector. She tells us more about her background, her job and her inspirations which led her to create “Nairobi”, a pattern that smells like summer!

- First of all, we would like to know a little more about you. What university course did you follow and what is your professional background?

I am a pattern designer based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. I graduated from the Savannah School of Art and Design where I majored in fashion design. After graduating, I had intended to work in the technical drawing/fashion illustration industry, but decided to go in a different direction after discovering my love of pattern making. .

- How and why did you decide to be a designer and particularly a pattern designer?

I sort of fell into the field of pattern design by chance. I started working as a freelancer: I created prints for a scarf brand and I loved it. It also allowed me to combine my expertise in design as well as my attraction to fashion, which is essential for creating prints for clothing brands.

- How do you work on a daily basis as a pattern designer? How and where do you get your inspiration?

I work exclusively on tablets. I like working in this digital format because it allows me to freely experiment with pattern placement and color work. Colors are a big inspiration for me during the creative process; they remain at the basis of my creative journey. If I have a particular palette in mind, most of the time that dictates the overall look of the pattern.

- What is the motive that you are most proud of? (except for the Nairobi pattern, of course ^^)

The prints that I am most proud of are probably those from the “Bird of Paradise” series, which you can admire right here: .

They were very successful with the public. They are particularly representative of my work and my design style.

- Tell us a little about this name “lapetitelecour”! Why a French name?

When I first started designing patterns, I intended to focus more on creating prints for children's clothing. So I wanted a name that could sound childish with "La petite" and that included my last name "Lecour". I thought it went well together. But now I design for different areas in the textile industry, so I mostly use my name. Although my store on the print sales platform, Spoonflower, is still called “lapetitelecour”.

- Let’s talk about the “Nairobi” motif! How did you imagine this print? What is his story ?

 I wanted the “Nairobi” print to be both simple and readable but also complex and captivating. The fleur-de-lis creates a sense of movement in the pattern. A visual similar to those found in the floral patterns of African wax printed fabrics.


- How did you choose these colors and why did you choose this particular variety of flowers?

I selected the colors that I felt quite strongly about but with a very rich and vibrant feel. Colors that would make the lily flowers stand out against the dark background.

- To what extent do you consider this model as a real invitation to dream and travel?

When I look at the “Nairobi” print, I feel a sense of calm and serenity. It's a sensation that helps you dream, escape and recharge your batteries.

- Did you know about menstrual lingerie before working for Perdième? What do you think of this type of product? Have you ever imagined creating designs for menstrual lingerie?

Yes, I already knew about menstrual panties before working with Perdième. I'm a fan of it, it's a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative for menstruation. But I never imagined that one day I would have the opportunity to create designs for this kind of product. I'm very happy I did it!

Many thanks to Janine for taking the time to answer our questions. You can find his work right here: 

And discover the Nairobi menstrual panties right here: (in your place we wouldn't wait too long, they are in limited edition!)