Discover the Interlabial Petal: Complete guide and tips for use

pétale interlabial

Interlabial petals, a discreet but essential accessory in the field of feminine hygiene, are gaining popularity thanks to their comfort and practicality. In this article, let's learn about the interlabial petal, exploring its benefits, its correct use, and why it has become a must-have for many women.

What is an Interlabial Petal ?

Interlabial petals, also known as interlabial protectors or pads, are accessories designed to provide additional comfort during menstruation. Generally made of bamboo fiber or soft cotton, these small devices conform to the shape of the body to provide reliable and discreet protection.

Benefits of the Interlabial Petal

1. Flow redirection:

The petal is an accessory that will redirect the flow of periods to different places in the menstrual panties. If you have a front flow, you can use the petal to direct the period towards the back of the panties and thus increase the duration of use of your panties thanks to better blood distribution.

2. Additional protection:

These small pads provide additional protection against leaks, giving women peace of mind during their period, especially during heavy periods. This will allow you to keep your panties for longer, using the petals as small washable sanitary napkins.

3. Optimal comfort:

The interlabial petals are designed to offer great comfort, due to their composition in very soft bamboo fiber and thanks to their shape which perfectly fits the woman's body. We often forget that we are wearing them. Be careful when you go to the toilet not to let them fall to the bottom of the bowl!

4. Maximum discretion:

Thanks to their thin and discreet design, the interlabial petals allow you to stay comfortable while remaining invisible under clothing. It can be added to classic panties in case of unexpected loss or to menstrual panties , the petal is undetectable.

How to Use Interlabial Petals Correctly

1.Choose the right size:

Make sure you choose the correct size to ensure the best fit.

2. Choice of materials:

Opt for OEKO tex 100 certified bamboo fiber petals to minimize the risk of irritation and ensure that there are no toxic products.

3. Correct positioning:

Place the interlabial petal in the front of the panties, where you need extra protection.

4. Change regularly:

Like any feminine hygiene product, it is essential to change the interlabial petals regularly to maintain good hygiene.

5. Folding the petal :

For specific needs, the petal can be folded so that it provides additional absorption or redirection of the flow, for example.

    For more information on positioning and folding, see our video dedicated to this subject

      Maintenance tips

      • Proper Storage: Store the interlabial petals in a clean, airtight pouch to ensure you have them with you.

      • Washing : Before use, we recommend washing the petal once to remove any impurities that may have stuck during storage or transport.

      • Care : After use, rinse in cold water then put in the machine at 40° maximum with the rest of the laundry, and without softener.
      • Drying : for drying, favor drying in the open air.


      In summary, interlabial petals are much more than just a feminine hygiene accessory. They offer comfort, discretion and additional protection during menstruation. By incorporating these little pads into your routine, you can feel more comfortable and confident throughout your cycle.

      If you are looking for the best in comfort and protection, the interlabial petal is undoubtedly a choice to consider. Explore our range of products to discover which one best suits your needs.