Natural remedies for painful periods

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If there is one subject on which we are not equal, it is this one!
There are those who experience their cycle smoothly without feeling pain and then there are those for whom the period of periods rhymes with ordeal. If your contraception plays a big role in the feeling of pain, it is not the only one that can have an impact on your menstrual pain and fortunately!

The good news is that there are natural alternatives to medicinal solutions that we don't necessarily want to resort to every month.
Natural, simple, inexpensive, Perdième tells you everything about these little gestures that will improve your comfort during your period .

Rule No. 1 and it goes without saying: we stop intrusive hygienic protections which send bad signals to the body and disrupt its balance (but you already knew that!).

Plants as allies

We already loved them in our living room but we are going to appreciate them even more.

For herbal tea, we opt for yarrow which is an effective antispasmodic plant. It has a noticeable effect on the smooth muscles of the uterus. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It also has the reputation of partially blocking the production of estrogen, thus reducing the strong hormonal variations, sources of pain during periods.

Raspberry leaf is also a very good antispasmodic.

Chamomile will help relieve your cramps. It is often used for its soothing properties on stress and anxiety. Taken during the period of painful periods, it interests us for its antispasmodic effect which relieves intestinal cramps (difficult digestion often accompanies menstrual episodes) and uterine cramps.

A final herbaceous ally: green tea which helps fight against water retention from which 40% of women suffer during their periods.

Do you prefer infusions? Meadowsweet will help your kidneys eliminate water.

Heat please!

Even if it is more difficult to adopt it in the middle of summer, the hot water bottle is essential for your menstrual cycle. Place it on your stomach or lower back to relieve yourself. The heat will relax the muscles and soothe the pain.

Another alternative: a nice hot bath (with foam, candles and a good book), but you need a bathtub for that, we definitely agree!

Essential oils with superpowers

Essential oils are everyday allies as an alternative to medicinal solutions. Be careful, however, to use them with caution and always dilute them. They can be diluted in shea butter or massage oil before application.

Accompanied by a gentle massage of the lower abdomen, they will work wonders.

We made you a little list:

  • Bergamot essential oil to calm the body;
  • Tarragon essential oil, excellent antispasmodic;
  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil, which soothes the body and mind;
  • Clove essential oil to relieve pain;
  • Peppermint essential oil which reduces headaches (it also works against hangovers) and which stimulates energy.

    A little exercise

    Even though it's often the last thing we want to do, doing a little exercise helps combat painful periods.
    In top position: yoga , with a gentle stretching program combined with a short meditation session to allow you to relax deeply and soothe certain pains.
    And finally, our last tip: it seems that orgasms reduce pain during periods, we say that, we say nothing…

    Written by Flavie Thevenoud