Models for a day for Perdième

Photo du premier shooting participatif collectif Perdième

On Saturday February 13, the second so-called “participatory” shooting of Perdième took place. An important shoot for us since it allows us to honor everyday women, women who look like us. Here we tell you about this superb experience!

On December 14, we launched an appeal on Instagram “ What if our future muse was you ?” », inviting women from our brand new community to send their “application” to become our models for a day. In the space of a month, we received nearly forty applications from women across the four corners of France. The choice was not easy but we managed to select five profiles, all of which we wanted to be very different from each other. This is our entire philosophy at Perdième: celebrating beauty in the diversity of bodies and allowing all women to be able to identify. In this very particular context, until the last moment, we did not know whether or not the shooting could take place... But all the health measures had obviously been taken in advance to allow us to enjoy this day in complete relaxation (negative PCR test for all the models and the team, gel and masks on site…).

Kindness towards oneself is essential for us. Of course, accepting oneself and one's body, in a society obsessed with the perfect, retouched, filtered image, which excessively exploits women's bodies, is not easy... And learning to love oneself despite of all these injunctions is a real challenge. This is why, at Perdième, we believe that it is the responsibility of brands in the fashion sector to offer new representations of women's bodies. Once again our commitment is discreet but real. Perdième is basically a collaborative and participatory project. Since day one, we have wanted to communicate with our contributors, our community, our customers, to listen to your desires and needs. Also this shoot was a great opportunity to meet our very first users and experience a unique moment together.

The approach may seem cheeky, but it was full of enthusiasm and positive energy that we met Alexina, Claire, Carole, Clémence and Agathe (who came from Montpellier for the occasion!), our new models. The appointment was made early in the morning in a magical place, a huge loft in Montreuil bathed in light, in the company of Clémence, our photographer for the day, as well as Emily and Marie, our make-up/hairdressing team! Despite freezing weather on this Saturday in February (felt -10°C!), the sun was shining, in an azure blue sky. Perfect lighting for this shoot carried out exclusively in natural light.

9 a.m .: Arrival of our first model Carole (aka @rosie_hilda on Instagram, a bubbly and unifying young mother entrepreneur who shares lots of well-being tips, go take a look!) and the make-up/hairdressing team!

10:30 a.m .: After passing into the expert hands of Emily and Marie, Carole is the first to start the individual shoots! It's not easy to get in front of the camera first and drop the bathrobe, but she impresses us with her naturalness and ease. It's then the turn of the sweet Clémence, the youngest of the group, who is nevertheless the one with the most experience since at 24 years old, she launched her own lingerie brand and is used to lending her shapes to photo shoots. for his own creations! We will talk to you very soon about her project because we are committed to supporting female entrepreneurship. Clémence is a little hidden in the photos because she is wearing our new exclusive Nairobi pattern that you will discover from April. It is then the turn of Alexina, our radiant yogi girl, always smiling, to lend herself to the game of poses with great grace and naturalness... While Agathe, our pretty, discreet but determined redhead, starts with courage. We are so admiring of their audacity and their approach!

11:30 a.m .: Start of group shootings. Posing in front of Clémence's camera in a group is already easier! The atmosphere is very relaxed, 100% feminine with music; the shooting begins and great bonds are created! Between poses, we discuss our experiences as girls, women, mothers, entrepreneurs... We discuss our relationships with the body and periods in complete spontaneity. In short, only good vibes!

1 p.m.: Lunch break. We were looking forward to it because the lunch was prepared by the talented chef Tess from “Tess en cuisine” (we'll give you the link to her site right here ). For the occasion, Tess has concocted a superb vegetarian buffet for us made up of fresh, seasonal produce! Hummus toast with mushrooms and caramelized onions, lentil salads with aromatic herbs. We had a blast!

2:30 p.m .: A little coffee and it’s time to take photos again before the sun sets. Claire is the last to take part in the individual shooting game. It's not easy to go last either, but this athletic mother who is very interested in zero waste issues seems very comfortable in front of the camera. Relaxed atmosphere and jokes, we sail on a wave of good humor.

3 p.m.: The girls all pose together this time! The atmosphere is festive, we dance to Single Ladies by Beyoncé, we bring out the balloons and confetti! As for the team, we also have trouble staying still so we join in the dance, behind the camera!

4 p.m .: The day flew by and around 4 p.m., it was already time to say “goodbye”. We all had a magical and festive time with lots of sharing, kindness, sisterhood and self-love ! We again warmly thank Alexina, Claire, Carole, Clémence and Agathe for playing the game with so much spontaneity, enthusiasm and good humor! The first photos we received are magnificent and capture this good mood so well; we can't wait to share them with you.

We would like to repeat this great experience by organizing other participatory shootings in the future. So if you are tempted, do not hesitate to contact us here .