Collab Miyé postpartum box
Femme enceinte
Collab Miyé postpartum box
Collab Miyé postpartum box
Collab Miyé postpartum box
Collab Miyé postpartum box

Collab Miyé postpartum box

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In postpartum, it is not uncommon to have fragile hair, tight chest and a more or less long period of lochia... To alleviate these inconveniences, we have for you, The ideal kit to take care of from you gently:

- organic cotton menstrual panties (medium flow) in Terracota color (€35)
- a Miyé anti-hair loss serum (€35)
- a Miyé body serum (€23)
- a Miyé intimate gel (€23)

100% organic cotton menstrual panties. Effective : no leaks possible with its semi-high waist shape which covers the hips and buttocks and is wide at the crotch level. Protection for up to 12 hours with absorption equivalent to 2-3 medium tampons (= medium/heavy flows). Violette is a size 36-38 and wears a size S. Alice is a size 38 and wears a size M.

Miyé certified organic anti-hair loss serum has been specially formulated to restore the vitality and density of hair while cleaning the scalp and stimulating hair growth at the roots. More information on hair serum

Miyé Happy Cycles Body Serum airy texture, it is a concentrate of natural active ingredients from green biotechnology carefully selected both for their effectiveness but also for their safety. Designed to soothe areas sensitized and tense due to hormonal variations. More information on the body serum

Miyé Intimate Gel moisturizing and rebalancing certified ORGANIC: comfort, hydration, strengthening and stimulation of the intimate area. Designed to improve intimate comfort and female well-being (vaginal dryness, intimate discomfort, dyspareunia, etc.). Hypoallergenic. Water based. Physiological pH. More information on Miyé intimate gel

Exterior: 98% organic cotton, 2% elastane. Interior: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane. Absorbent: bamboo viscose. Insulation: 100 lyocell/100% PUL.

Our cotton is GOTS certified

Made entirely in Portugal in a family workshop.

Item in stock delivery within 2-3 working days

In mainland France: free delivery from 75€ of purchase and returns within 30 days. In Europe: delivery is free from 120€ of purchase
In the rest of the world: consult our FAQ section shipping costs

Our organic cotton panties fit normally (or even large) take your usual size. You can measure your pelvic circumference: be careful, this is not your waist circumference but the place where your buttocks are the fleshiest (so under the hips)

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Menstrual panties, how do they work?

The technical part of our panties is about 1mm thick for panties and less than 2mm for shortys, it goes up about 3cm below the waist on the front and 8cm on the back. They are absolutely invisible under clothing. However, our menstrual range ensures maximum safety up to 12 noon.

- Your flows flow naturally and are absorbed and maintained by the super-absorbent bamboo viscose

- The cotton lining antibacterial organic cotton ensures comfort, respect for your body, all without odours

- The flexible PUL film insulates perfectly and prevents any leakage

- The elastic lace around the crotch guarantees you that your panties stay in place whatever your movements





Built to last

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