11 reasons to adopt Perdième menstrual panties

Femme portant la culotte menstruelle et le soutien-gorge menstruel Nairobi Perdième

Menstrual panties , period panties or even period panties , so many names to designate this new generation of women's underwear . Clever fusion between traditional panties and a washable sanitary napkin, this innovative lingerie plays the role of protection during menstruation . If it accompanies more and more women in their daily lives, whether during their periods or outside their menstrual cycle , to manage white discharge or urinary leakage, it is because it has many advantages . Do you doubt it? Let us detail the main advantages of Perdième menstrual panties .

1. Efficacy: reliable absorption for 10 hours

What we ask above all of period panties is that they fulfill their primary function: absorb menstrual blood, while preventing leaks and odors.

Perdième menstrual panties are designed to guarantee optimal absorption and breathability.
The cotton jersey lining – finely knitted, soft, elastic and breathable – collects the menstrual flow and drains it to the lower layer. The latter, made of bamboo viscose with high absorbency, captures and retains blood loss. A third layer acts as an anti-leak barrier thanks to its insulating and waterproof coated fabric, and ensures the complete waterproofing of your underwear.

Perdième period panties are just as effective as conventional disposable period protection. It absorbs the equivalent of 2 to 3 normal tampons. It is therefore possible to wear it for up to 10 consecutive hours (estimated average duration, variable depending on the nature of your flow), day or night. You are thus effectively protected in all circumstances.

2. Practicality: underwear as easy to wear as classic briefs

As underwear, menstrual panties can be put on, worn, taken off and washed like standard briefs. There is only one more rinsing step, very simple and quick, to integrate into your routine. So no surprise with this piece of lingerie, similar to the classic ones that you already have in your wardrobe and that you are used to wearing daily.

As periodic protection, its absorption capacity of 10 hours on average allows you to keep it on longer than towel or tampon type protection. For very light to moderately heavy flows, there is no need to change it during the day; once put on in the morning, it is completely forgotten and you are serene until the evening. For very heavy flows, it can be combined very well with other devices such as the menstrual cup or the washable tampon.

3. Respect for health: a clean composition

In 2018, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) carried out an assessment of the safety of intimate protection. The study looked at sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners and menstrual cups.

The report , published in July 2018 and then completed at the end of 2019, revealed the presence of chemical substances (pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, etc.), potentially carcinogenic or suspected of being endocrine disruptors, but in low quantities and "without exceeding health thresholds”. The Agency therefore concluded that there was “an absence of health risk” via the skin but asked the brands to improve the quality of the raw materials used and to review certain manufacturing processes.

ANSES was also mandated to study menstrual toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This condition, rare but serious and potentially lethal, is caused by the release of a toxin into the blood, secreted by a very pathogenic bacteria: staphylococcus aureus. The results obtained highlighted that only internal periodic protections can expose you to the risk of TSS, when they are worn for too long. It is the maceration of the blood inside the body which promotes the proliferation of the incriminated bacteria. As for external intimate protections, it is stipulated that they are not involved in the occurrence of this disease.

Faced with these compositional issues, Perdième menstrual panties offer a healthy alternative to traditional periodic protection.
It does not contain any products toxic to health: no phthalates, no chlorine, no perfume.
The fabrics used are certified by recognized labels which guarantee high levels of quality and safety. The lining, in direct contact with the skin, is made of GOTS certified cotton, attesting to the organic nature of the textile. An anti-microbial treatment is also applied to prevent the development of infectious germs. The fine lace that trims the edge of our panties, the internal absorbent part as well as the microfiber are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified, that is to say free of any harmful substances.
For external use, period panties do not expose you to the risk of SCT.

4. Respect for privacy: non-invasive external protection

Sanitary tampons and menstrual cups are methods of protection for internal use. They are inserted into the vagina, with the fingers or using an applicator, and are also extracted manually.
This therefore implies the following prerequisites:
  • Know a minimum of the anatomy of your genital tract, for correct and gentle insertion;
  • Be comfortable with the idea of ​​introducing a foreign element into your body, particularly in this intimate area;
  • Do not be bothered by contact with mucous membranes and biological fluids;
  • Not be subject to frequent infections such as fungal infections;
  • Do not suffer from dysfunctions such as vulvodynia or vaginismus;
  • Or even not use an intrauterine device (IUD) as a contraceptive (since it seems that removing the cup , because of its suction effect, sometimes causes the IUD to move, making it painful or ineffective).

    It's not always easy not to find yourself in one of these situations, whether you are an adult woman or a very young girl facing her first period.

    Menstrual panties are for external use. It therefore allows you to free yourself from all these limiting constraints: it is accessible to everyone, without conditions.

    5. Comfort: move freely

    Perdième offers menstrual panties with a low-cut cut, sufficient coverage, with a nice drape over the curve of the buttocks, ensuring comfort in all everyday situations, including during physical and sporting activities.

    The fixing system for removable sanitary napkins can be approximate: not adhesive enough for the disposable version or too loose for the reusable version. Often the protection moves; it moves back and forth or sideways randomly. If poorly positioned, it causes a feeling of discomfort and increases the risk of leaks. During the day, we are aware of it and it is inconvenient; at night, we cannot control the phenomenon and this can be a source of concern when waking up.
    The same goes for tampons, which, if incorrectly placed inside the vagina, can cause discomfort or even pain.
    In addition, period pads have a certain thickness, or rather a certain thickness! Who has never had the somewhat unpleasant feeling of wearing a baby diaper?

    Conversely, menstrual panties incorporate the absorbent technical part within themselves. This is certainly thicker than the lining of classic panties but thinner than a sanitary napkin. This all-in-one offers great freedom of movement since it stays in place and follows the inclinations of the body.

    6. Discretion: being the only one to know that you have your period

    Adopting menstrual panties means choosing discretion:
    • No more packets of towels or tampons visible on the shelves and drawers of the bathroom or toilet;
    • No more “diaper” effect of the sanitary napkin, which, in addition to being uncomfortable as mentioned previously, can also be noisy when you move or sit down, or visible when you want to wear a held close to the body;
    • Goodbye to the risk of seeing packaging slipping out of your handbag, often conspicuous with an unambiguous shape, when you're looking for something else inside;
    • Gone is the embarrassment of having to hide your spare periodic protection in your hand or in your pocket all the way to the toilet;
    • No need to ask a friend – in the best case scenario – or a stranger – if there is no choice – to help us out when we forget to refuel or our period arrives without warning.

      7. Easy to maintain: machine wash with other laundry

      Once worn and soiled, the menstrual panties are rinsed with clean water under the tap, until most of the blood is disgorged. It is possible to remove slightly more encrusted traces by rubbing them with simple soap. Then, it is not necessary to plan a specific tour to clean this periodic underside; it can be machine washed at 40 degrees with the rest of your laundry. Drying is done in the open air, without using an artificial heat source, to preserve the technical properties and shape of the underwear.

      For more details, you can consult our article written on this subject .

      8. Ecology: a sustainable and zero-waste option

      According to statistics from Planetoscope , more than 45 billion sanitary napkins and tampons are thrown away each year worldwide. Rich in plastic (packaging, applicator, adhesive tape on the fins, polyester string, etc.), these products take between 500 and 800 years to degrade. Suffice to say that these disposable periodic protections are not the most beneficial for our environment.

      Perdième menstrual panties are washable, therefore reusable, over an average period of 3 years. Using them to replace disposable protection significantly reduces the amount of waste generated throughout a lifetime of menstruation.

      In addition, Perdième has chosen materials all from Europe – Italy, Portugal, Spain and France – and also European manufacturing, which limits its carbon footprint.

      9. Economy: long-term profitability

      In 2019, Le Monde began calculating the average cost of spending on hygiene for menstruation per woman: this budget is between €100 and €150 per year, or around €10 per cycle. This estimate includes all purchases related to period management: periodic protection, pain medication, renewal of lingerie and bed linen, annual check-up visit to the gynecologist. Knowing that on average, women have their periods for 39 years, or around 500 times in their life, this represents a total budget of €5,000.

      Even though purchasing period panties represents a significant cost, it is a profitable investment in the long term. Perdième menstrual panties cost €39 and have an average lifespan of 3 years. For 5 panties, the budget is €195 for 3 years, or €2,535 for 39 years of menstruation over a lifetime. A slate divided by 2!

      In addition, menstrual panties are multi-use. Intended primarily for the absorption of menstrual blood, it can be used for spotting , urinary leakage or even white discharge.

      10. Reduction of mental load: when menstrual logistics are one less worry

      For some time now, the concept of mental load has become increasingly used and recognized. It refers to the invisible cognitive load which lies behind all the management of everyday life, domestic and professional, and which can cause overwork: household chores, shopping, meals, children, appointments, purchases, meetings, etc. Today, it mainly concerns women .

      You are rightly wondering: what is the connection with menstrual panties? 

      Opting for this means of periodic protection can contribute to a reduction, even slight, of this mental load.
      The mind is freed from the material constraints associated with managing the menstrual cycle. Using period panties is part of a classic household routine: wearing and washing one item of clothing like any other; use household objects and products already available – washing machine, detergent, soap, etc.
      No need to think about putting pads or tampons on the shopping list. No need to think about checking that there is enough stock at home or in your bag before leaving somewhere. No need to take care of asking your partner to buy some at the supermarket. Menstrual panties are stored in the cupboard, in a given place, waiting for the next cycle.

      11. Aesthetics: one more reason to love yourself, even during your period

      The key element that sets us apart from other menstrual lingerie brands: the aesthetics of our textile creations. Our ambition: to highlight female bodies by adorning them with pretty attire, including during this time of the month when we are not always in top shape, physically and morally.

      At Perdième, we offer you a range of graphic and colorful menstrual panties. Our designs are printed on a soft and light microfiber, which lets their finesse and delicacy shine through. Designed by pattern designers working exclusively with Perdième, they are designed in relation to the theme of travel. Unlike some models with dark colors and minimalist design, we have chosen to leverage the creativity of inventive artists in our lingerie. Shimmering parrots, blooming flowers, coral arabesques. A little pinch from elsewhere to try to brighten your day and give you that sweet feeling of escape.

      So, convinced? We hope that all these advantages have at least enabled you to discover this method of protection and at best decided to test one of our menstrual panties . The most difficult thing now: choosing from all our designs!

      Written by cd