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Swimsuit period panties - Macau style

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The Macao menstrual bikini bottoms allows you to enjoy the summer even when you have your period.

No leaks: our swimwear covers both the hips and the butt. Soft elastics keep the bikini bottoms in place and the waterproof film prevents blood transfer.
It protects you all day long with an absorption equivalent to 1-2 medium-sized tampons (=light/medium flow). You can wear it in the water or on the beach.

The absorbent part is made of cotton fiber so it does not swell in the water, neither seen nor known.

Match it with a black bikini top or our matching Macao bra

Exterior: 82% polyamide/18% elastane

Lining: 88% polyamide/12% elastane

Absorbent: 95% cotton/5% elastane. Insulation: 100% PUL

Made entirely in Portugal in a family workshop.

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Our Porto-Vecchio menstrual swim panties are a semi-high waisted shape. It fits normally

(be careful, the pelvis measurement is not the hip measurement, you must take it at the level of the fleshiest part of your buttocks)

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Menstrual swimsuit...

The Perdième menstrual swimsuit allows you to swim without the risk of leaks or stains when you have your period.

- Our swimsuit has an absorption capacity of 1 to 2 medium tampons (i.e. 10ML approximately) which corresponds to light to medium flows

The technical part of our swimsuits is approximately 1mm thick. It's absolutely invisible, there are no outer seams to reveal that it's a menstrual swimsuit.

However, our menstrual range ensures maximum safety when you go in the water or if you stay by the pool.

- Your flows are absorbed and maintained by the absorbent cotton which has the particularity of not swelling on contact with water

- The soft PUL film insulates perfectly and prevents any leakage when you come out of the water, so as not to stain your swimsuit.