Menstrual panties: protective lingerie guaranteeing comfort for women

Culotte menstruelle : une lingerie de protection garantissant le confort pour les femmes

Menstrual panties remain the ultimate lingerie for women during menstruation. In addition to being comfortable, it comes in different shapes and colors. Here we reveal everything about these period panties .

What are period panties?

These are simply panties made especially for menstruation periods. On our store you will find high quality menstrual panties. Measuring no more than 3 millimeters thick , they are all as comfortable as classic lingerie. Our models are ultra absorbent, composed of 3 technical layers to collect blood. Comfort is not to be outdone with period panties. The layer in contact with the skin is made of cotton. It is suction in addition to being pleasantly soft. The one that gives this lingerie its absorption power, however, is made up of a layer of bamboo. Finally, a final layer of waterproof fabric prevents stains and leaks. Wearing this comfortable lingerie allows you to feel feminine in all circumstances. It is not likely to create any discomfort in the private parts . In addition, the woman will feel great ease in her movements. She no longer needs to wear outfits that hide the sanitary napkin.

Why choose this lingerie?

You will find a wide choice of menstrual panties that are both elegant and comfortable on our site. They are an effective alternative to menstrual cups and tampons. Our models are also as effective as regular sanitary napkins . Period panties can be used both day and night. It is easy to wear. In addition, this type of lingerie is guaranteed to be free of silver nanoparticles. Our models also do not contain any chemicals, to guarantee your health throughout the period. For style, you will be spoiled for choice on our models of menstrual panties . These come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Some feature fanciful designs . Others are made of lace, bringing a glamorous touch to your women's underwear. Lace panties allow you to feel irresistibly beautiful during the delicate period of your period.

Menstrual panties: more than just lingerie

One of the advantages of this underwear lies in the comfort of use during periods. Menstrual panties are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Easy to put on, it is not likely to cause discomfort like a misplaced sanitary napkin. This lingerie also competes with equivalent products in terms of its effectiveness. It has an absorption capacity equivalent to 3 to 5 tampons . We are talking about a duration of protection of up to 12 hours with period panties. However, this duration depends above all on the importance of the flow which can vary for each woman. Finally, this protection solution appears more economical compared to tampons and other sanitary napkins. Machine washable, it is reusable. Our models have a lifespan of up to 5 years . This saves you from having to allocate a monthly budget for protection during your period.