Menstrual tanga: reviews

Tanga menstruel : avis

Were you looking for how to combine comfort and sensuality during your period? Perdième thought of you! After menstrual panties, shorties and thongs, the menstrual tanga has arrived. No more compromises during your cycle: like all Perdième lingerie, the menstrual tanga matches its bra. A beautiful lace set in which you will feel beautiful and comfortable.

The menstrual tanga, for whom?

The tanga is very absorbent, however, it will not be your best ally for days when you have a very heavy flow. Its absorption corresponds to the equivalent of a tampon or two (around 8 mL maximum). It is therefore suitable for light to medium flows but it can also be used in addition to intravaginal protection (cup or tampon) for heavier flows. Or, it can be used at the start of the cycle or at the end for lighter days! It is perfect for all women who like to wear a tanga or thong in their daily life. For more choices of menstrual tanga thong .

Presentation of the Perdième menstrual tanga

The interior of the Perdième menstrual tanga is made of 95% organic cotton. This is the part that is directly in contact with the skin, which is why it is important to choose a quality material. Like all Perdième lingerie, the menstrual tanga was made in Portugal, in a family workshop. If you like lace, you can also find high-waisted menstrual panties , the big sister of the tanga!

How to maintain the menstrual tanga?

Before using your menstrual tanga for the first time, we advise you to wash it in the machine at 40°. Then after each use, rinse your tanga in cold water. You can then wash it in the machine at 40° maximum without softener or stain remover and with a washing net if possible. Finally, let it dry in the open air, avoiding any heat source. All you have to do is wait until it is completely dry to put it on! For more details, do not hesitate to consult the use and care guide for Perdième menstrual panties .

The menstrual tanga, why is it good?

Opting for the menstrual tanga offers several advantages. For those who are used to wearing clothes that are close to the body, no more visible marks will appear through your clothes. In addition to being invisible, the Perdième tanga is comfortable and effective: its fitted cut and its large absorption surface prevent any leaks. You will no longer have to choose between comfort, serenity and femininity. The menstrual tanga combines all these advantages! Finally, opting for menstrual lingerie in general will always be better for your health and for the environment.

The lace menstrual tanga will be your best ally. For days when your flow is light, it will accompany you, without compromise: it is the piece of menstrual lingerie that combines comfort, serenity and femininity.