Managing your periods on vacation

Avoir ses règles en vacances

Ah vacation ! Here is finally the time for rest , relaxation , escapades and small and big adventures . On the agenda: laze in the sun on a sandy beach or take part in a sports course ; swim in turquoise waters or hike in the mountains; sip cocktails by the pool or camp in the wilderness ; wander the streets of a picturesque town or dance the night away. In short, clear your mind and enjoy the pleasures of life. The only downside: when menstruation comes to the party ! For all or part of the stay , you have to deal with this significant constraint. There's nothing dramatic about having your period on vacation , but it does mean taking a few precautions and making a few adjustments. Here are our tips for best managing your menstrual flow during the holidays.

Anticipate having your period on vacation

First of all, it is about being able to identify in advance if your future menstruation periods will coincide with discharge dates. Indeed, managing your periods well depends in particular on the possibility of anticipating their occurrence. The idea is to avoid finding yourself surprised and then helpless when they arrive in full activity or far from home. To mitigate this risk, there's nothing like getting into the habit of tracking your menstrual cycle throughout the year. There are many applications for calculating your menstrual cycle online, very practical innovations from femtech . Those who have regular periods consult their monitoring calendar to know precisely when they will be unwell again. Those who experience very variable cycles note their menstrual symptoms each month: irritability, fatigue, abdominal cramps, acne, etc. This allows them, when these effects are felt again, to detect the return of their menstruation a few days in advance. Once you are aware of the fact of having your period on vacation, all you have to do is make arrangements so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Managing your periods on vacation

Option 1: delay your period with hormonal contraception

Those taking hormonal contraception can choose to delay their periods by one month. In fact, the continuous use of certain hormonal contraceptives has the effect of suppressing vaginal bleeding artificially caused by the pause observed between two cycles. This is the basic principle of progestin pills, containing only progesterone, the 28 tablets of which are taken without interruption. For so-called “combined” pills (that is to say including both progesterone and estrogen), two packs must be chained together. To do this :

  • in the case of packs of only 21 tablets, simply start the next one without respecting the 7-day break usually recommended between two packs;
  • in the presence of packs made up of 28 tablets, the last 7 of which are placebos (i.e. neutral since they are free of active substance), a new pack must be started after taking the first 21 tablets, leaving the 7 last aside.

The same principle is applicable with vaginal rings and patches: it is a question of not observing the usual 4th week of stopping.

This practice is not dangerous for health, as indicated by the College of British Obstetricians and Gynecologists . It would even reduce the duration and intensity of menstruation. On the other hand, it can induce spotting , hence the interest in having hygienic protection for light flows, such as the menstrual thong or the periodic tanga.

Please note that using contraception does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Always remember to put condoms in your suitcase.

Option 2: manage your periods on vacation without hormonal contraception

Bring hygienic protection adapted to the situation

The type of periodic protection to include in your luggage depends on several criteria: your menstrual flow, the chosen destination and the planned activities. Rather than carrying around the stock of tampons – at the risk of seeing a few escape from the travel bag at the wrong time – why not opt ​​for menstrual lingerie ?
The period thong and the menstrual tanga are ideal for light flows, when you want to feel both light and sexy under tight clothing, during very hot weather for example.
Menstrual panties and period shorties are intended for heavier flows, perfect for sporting activities that require good support and maximum absorption for several hours in a row.
The menstrual swimsuit , alone or in addition to internal protection such as the tampon and the cup , is a delight for fans of sunbathing and swimming, at sea or in the pool.
Using a pretty airtight storage pouch allows you to transport your menstrual underwear, before and after use, in complete discretion.

Manage your periods on vacation with a menstrual swimsuit

Opt for comfortable clothes

Because it is always pleasant to feel at your best and comfortable, including on vacation, we tend to choose flattering outfits and technical clothing. The first highlight the silhouette; the latter are used for very specific activities. However, when you have your period, the sensations are often unpleasant: cramps, spasms, swelling, bloating, etc. It's sweetness that we crave the most. Bringing some loose, flowing clothing will help alleviate discomfort and allow you to feel freer to move. If they are made of cotton, organic at that, like all the pieces of menstrual and classic Perdième lingerie , it's even better!

Take your painkillers

If you are prone to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or painful periods , don't forget to put your usual medication in your toiletry bag. When traveling by plane, it is preferable to bring the prescription, which may be requested for certain prescriptions. Those who favor natural remedies to relieve period pain will not forget to bring their favorite hot water bottle, essential oils or herbal teas.

Pay attention to your personal hygiene

Regardless of the living and accommodation conditions during your stay, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene during your period. Washing yourself daily, with a mild soap or a specific cleansing gel, and changing your sanitary protection regularly are essential. These basic measures prevent the risk of infections and the occurrence of menstrual toxic shock syndrome .

Eat well

Who says vacation often means aperitifs, cocktails, barbecues, ice creams, restaurants, tastings of all kinds and other gastronomic festivities. There's no question of depriving yourself during this period when you want to make the most of it. However, what we eat during our periods has an impact on health and menstrual pain. A good intake of iron helps to compensate for the loss in the event of very heavy periods. Magnesium helps fight muscle cramps. A low-fat diet composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds and fish limits the risk of primary dysmenorrhea . Conversely, this would be favored by overconsumption of sugar, certain carbonated or energy drinks, coffee and tea.

Eat well during your period on vacation

Adjust the activity program

Practicing physical activity during your period is not at all contraindicated. If the desire and energy are there, there is no need to change your vacation schedule. Otherwise, there is no point in forcing yourself to do sports at all costs or to take part in grueling activities. Postponing the long hike or rafting trip for a few days can be saving. Instead, why not opt ​​for some stretching or a yoga session? These are low-intensity exercises known to be effective against menstrual pain .

Doing yoga to manage your periods on vacation

The conclusion is unanimous: having your period on vacation is not the most enviable thing. However, it is possible to adapt to it. Postponing your periods using hormonal contraception is an option to consider, to spend a stay with a completely free mind. In this case, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a health professional. Otherwise, following our anticipation and organization advice may be enough to manage the situation as best as possible, to make the most of this well-deserved vacation!

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