Interview Lucie Mouton

Interview Lucie Mouton

 On the occasion of the release of the new Taipei pattern, we interviewed its designer Lucie Mouton

- First of all, we would like to know a little more about you. What academic and professional paths did you follow?

When I got my baccalaureate, like many people, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I did a first year of L1 psychology but I felt after a year that I preferred to turn to more creative studies. So I did my MANAA (Upgrade in applied arts) at the Condé Lyon school, then a BTS in fashion design. It was exhausting but very rewarding, I have very good memories of it! After my BTS I did a few internships, one in a company specializing in textile design in Lyon, then as an assistant stylist in a ready-to-wear brand, before training and working for a few months for a workshop. traditional embroidery. After these few years of employment, I wanted to start my own business and it was from that moment that I embarked on the adventure of textile design.

- How and why did you decide to be a designer and particularly a textile designer?
I really discovered the profession of textile designer during my first internship. It was a bit of a revelation for me, but I had just finished my studies and I wanted to continue trying out some fashion professions. When I worked for the ready-to-wear brand, I had the chance to create some patterns for the brand, and to have accompanied the stylist to the Première Vision show (where I now also exhibit) and seen the Independent textile designers present their work. This idea of ​​doing this job never left me until I dared to take the plunge. What I particularly appreciated in relation to styling, for example, was the ratio of “creativity” and other tasks. Like any freelancer, we have to manage 1000 jobs at a time, but I spend the majority of my time drawing, and that's what I wanted in my job!

- How do you work on a daily basis as a textile designer? Where do you draw your inspiration?
I really like to work in the morning, so I get up early and work almost non-stop until my lunch break. I work from home so often my afternoons are divided between professional and personal tasks. In terms of my work, it will also depend on the moment, if I'm working for a client on a special brief or trends, or if I'm working on my collection of prints, or preparing for a show where I'm exhibiting every 6 months, or administrative, etc.
Honestly, inspiration kinda comes to me at random moments! Often before sleeping I think of things I would like to draw based on what I saw that day, and that gives me ideas for the next day. I read a lot of comics and illustrated books, they also inspire me a lot. And then, I have a lot of plants and flowers at home, it’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me!

- What is the motive that you are most proud of? (apart from the Taipei motif, of course!)
There are many that I like! My favorites are generally the things that take me a long time to draw, sometimes several days.

Maybe this one for its level of detail and the combination of colors. You can also find it on notebooks and cards from Pascale Editions!

- Tell us a little about this name “Studio Liu”! Why this choice of title for your brand?
It started from a joke that some friends made on me by nicknamed me Lucie Liu (like the actress), and when I had to think of a name I thought it sounded good! The word studio is also important, since for the moment I am mainly focused on textile design but I hope one day to touch on more areas. In any case I have many other ideas!

- How did you imagine the “Taipei” print? What is his story ?
I create a lot of patterns just from a combination of colors. This was the case for the Taipei pattern. I wanted a little floral on a dark background, but still bright. After a few tries, you have the result!

- Why did you opt for a liberty floral pattern?
I love drawing floral prints, that's all I can do, I feel like I'll never get tired of it! The possibilities are limitless. And liberty is a great classic, I design it every season, some of the most classic and some revisited ones.

- To what extent do you consider this motif as a real invitation to dream and escape?
I think you can see this through the colors. For me, when I look at this print, I think of a night setting, with these constellations of little flowers emerging from the darkness. I find it very poetic

Did you know about menstrual lingerie before working for Perdième? What do you think of washable period protection?
Yes I knew! I think it's the best protection there is. Ecological, comfortable, non-intrusive. Really for me it's flawless. I wish I could have worn them earlier when I was a teenager instead of other periodic protection.

Have you ever imagined creating designs for menstrual lingerie?
No never, it's the first time and I'm more than delighted to work with Perdième!

What’s the craziest medium you’ve made a pattern for?
I don't know if crazy is the most appropriate adjective, but I worked with a wallpaper brand, which will soon release its new collection, and I can't wait to see the result ! It's a whole other dimension than the clothing for which I mainly work and I can't wait to see what my drawings can look like on walls.

- As an artist and a woman, what message would you like to convey through your work?
I think about my sensitivity and my vision of beauty. And beyond my work, through my independent status, it's not being afraid to take the plunge and follow your dreams.