Which menstrual underwear to choose?

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Menstrual panties were first marketed in 2014 in the United States. Three years later, it appeared in France. Since then, she has continued to gain new followers throughout France. Building on this growing success, it has been available in various variations: menstrual shorties , period thongs , period swimsuits , etc. But among all these options, how do you choose the menstrual underwear that suits you? To be sure you make the right purchase, follow the guide!

Menstrual underwear: why be careful before purchasing?

(S')Providing menstrual lingerie is the goal! But you still need to know which brand and more specifically which model to turn to.

As with any purchase, asking yourself about your needs and desires and finding out about the product characteristics beforehand avoids many disappointments. Without this, you risk investing in an item that will not satisfy you and that you will end up putting away in the back of a cupboard!
Additionally, purchasing the wrong menstrual underwear can put you at risk of:

  • leaks and stains on your laundry, if the absorption power is not sufficient;
  • irritations, if the composition is not clean ;
  • discomfort, if the model chosen does not suit your body shape;
  • unnecessary expenses, if you multiply acquisitions before finding the Holy Grail;
  • a lack of interest in this type of protection, even though menstrual lingerie has many advantages .
Certain essential selection criteria must therefore be kept in mind in order to opt for the model(s) most suited to your situation.

Criteria to consider when choosing your menstrual underwear

The flow

Menstrual underwear is categorized according to the intensity of the flow of the person wearing it, therefore according to the volume of blood they are capable of absorbing. In general, this absorption capacity is expressed in the number of pads that would be used to capture an equivalent quantity of liquid.

-> At Perdième : menstrual underwear is classified according to a light flow , a medium flow or a heavy flow , equivalent respectively to 1 to 2 tampons, 2 to 3 tampons and 5 to 6 normal tampons.

The context

Age, gynecological problems or susceptibility to mood changes can affect the intensity of menstrual flow, the nature of intimate discharge and the level of comfort sought. The needs and expectations are therefore not the same whether you are a young girl just after menarche , a future mother subject to the side effects of PMA or white discharge due to pregnancy , or a menopausal woman, more likely to have small urinary leaks .

-> At Perdième : organic cotton menstrual panties are the ideal option for your teenager; the menstrual shorty , more absorbent and more enveloping, is perfect for women with very heavy discharge; The menstrual tanga is ideal for those who want to continue to wear light and sexy underwear during their menstruation or their spotting episodes.

Perdième precious lace menstrual tanga


Do you want to wear your period underwear only during the day or also at night? Do you prefer to use it alone or in addition to a cup ? Do you need it to exercise? So many questions to ask yourself about the use you want to make of your menstrual underwear.

-> At Perdième : menstrual shorties have a large absorbent area that goes up well at the back for maximum protection throughout the night, even if it's hectic; the menstrual swimsuit allows you to swim in the salt water of the sea and the treated water of the swimming pool; The menstrual thong guarantees total discretion under your tightest outfits.

Perdième menstrual swimsuit

The cup

As with traditional lingerie, the shape of your menstrual stockings must be in line with your body shape and your aesthetic preferences.

-> At Perdième : low and high waisted panties, covering shorties, low-cut tanga and minimalist thong, the cuts are varied, to make you feel both protected and highlighted.

The composition

Find out about the materials used (natural or synthetic), the labels awarded and the absence of harmful substances such as those found in certain hygienic protections (nanoparticles, phthalates, chlorine, etc.).

-> At Perdième : the underwear is free of toxic substances; the cotton of the linings is GOTS certified; the fine lace which trims the edge of the panties, the absorbent part and the microfiber are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified.

The style

In pastel or bright tones, plain or printed, with discreet or flamboyant patterns, without artifice or decorated with decorative details (buttons, bows, seams, etc.): it's up to you to choose the menstrual lingerie that you like!

-> At Perdième : the patterns inspired by the theme of travel, designed by international artists exclusively for the brand, are a strong marker of our DNA; They can be coordinated with the matching bra, for a set with the most beautiful effect.

Exclusive Perdième patterns

The price

Menstrual underwear is not affordable for everyone. Individually, it costs between €25 and €60 depending on the brand. A difficult investment for those who have a small budget, or even impossible for those affected by menstrual poverty , but quickly pays off for those who can afford to pay this initial sum.

-> At Perdième : prices range from €35 to €55 depending on the models. And there are eco packs for more accessibility.

Brand ethics

You can also include environmental, social and ethical criteria in your reflection, such as the place(s) of product design and manufacturing, working conditions, attention paid to certain values ​​(feminism, body positivism , inclusiveness, etc.).

-> At Perdième : the choice fell on European manufacturing, more precisely Portuguese, to limit our carbon footprint and ensure that our partners share our values ​​and respect their employees; the photos are minimally retouched and we use professional and amateur models to try to represent the diversity of bodies.

Mannequins for menstrual underwear Perdième

You are now ready to choose your next period underwear! Nature of the flow, specific use, composition or even aesthetics: so many criteria to consider to make the best investment. Perdième offers you a wide range of menstrual underwear which will certainly meet a large number of these criteria. Enough to live your menstrual cycle peacefully every day – per diem !

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