Women's gift idea: treat yourself to menstrual lingerie

Idée cadeau femme : pack culottes menstruelles Perdième

Giving underwear is a very good gift idea to please fashion fans and more specifically lingerie fans . The choice is vast: sexy to emphasize the shapes, graphic to give style, cocooning to wrap in softness or even technical to guarantee comfort and freedom in all circumstances. Yes, but for those who want something new, how can we twist this somewhat seen and reviewed present ? Perdième has the solution: offer menstrual lingerie . Forget classicism; opt for modernity; create a surprise ! Perdième explains to you how menstrual panties can be the ideal gift for each of the women in your life, whom you want to pamper .

Gift idea to please a woman

Gift idea for yourself: treat yourself to menstrual lingerie

Having fun is part of self-care

Throughout the year, there is no shortage of opportunities to remind us to spoil our loved ones: birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. But when it comes to pleasing ourselves personally, we're not necessarily used to paying the same attention to ourselves. However, as the saying goes: “you are never better served than by yourself”!

If you yourself are a menstruator, you know that having your period is not an anecdotal phenomenon. It is an event that has occurred once a month for almost forty consecutive years. Wearing hygienic protection adapted to the nature of your menstrual flow, your body shape, your pace of life and your values, has a real impact on the quality of life. This is part of good menstrual hygiene . A real luxury for some who suffer from menstrual poverty .
Opting for period panties has many advantages . It is effective, healthy, comfortable, discreet, eco-responsible and profitable over time. For those who can afford it financially, it is an opportunity to invest in their health, physical and mental, now and in the long term. Perdième offers menstrual underwear models with a flattering cut and delicate, colorful patterns, in addition to being efficient and durable. The goal: to allow you to feel good in your body and in your mind every day of your menstrual cycle . A self-care gift in short.

And once you have taken care of your own well-being, you can fully think about that of others!

Gift idea for the teenager in the family: period panties, reassuring for the first period

You are looking for a gift for a young person in your family circle: your daughter, your sister, your cousin or even your niece. If she is going through puberty, offering her menstrual panties can help her better understand and manage her first period.

Gift idea to give to a teenager

As a teenager, she is probably sexually inexperienced and unfamiliar with the intimate parts of her anatomy. Inserting a tampon or menstrual cup into your vagina and then removing it are delicate and technical actions that can be perceived as intrusive and frightening at this age. Conversely, period panties are external protection that can be used like classic panties. No need to worry about insertion and folding methods – C, 7 or shell –, applicator, protruding string or suction cup effect. And very simple rinsing will not pose a problem.
Puberty is also a delicate period during which young people are particularly sensitive to the views of others. Becoming the laughing stock of everyone is an often shared fear. The discretion of menstrual panties can reassure your teenager on this subject. Forget the fear of hearing your sanitary napkin go “shouik-chouik” while walking. Gone is the apprehension of seeing a tampon slip out of your schoolbag in the middle of the class or playground.
Finally, wearing period panties during your first cycles allows you to gradually discover the new functioning of your body, to observe the nature of its flow (intensity, color, presence of clots, etc.) and therefore to learn to know, and in a secure way.

Gift idea for the best friend: pretty custom-made menstrual lingerie

Gift idea for her best friend

Do you have someone in your life that you call your “best friend”? If this is the case, it is because you have a special relationship with this person. As part of this friendship, you have certainly spent hours discussing everything and nothing, sharing your experiences and confiding in each other endlessly. Including about intimate subjects, even very intimate ones, like how she experiences her menstrual cycle. From being around you, you know his preferences in terms of fashion and aesthetics, as well as his measurements, very well. You are then the perfect person to offer her menstrual lingerie, by choosing the model perfectly suited to her flow – panties or shorties – and her clothing tastes – you have the choice between all our Perdième prints . This thoughtful gift will remind him of the wonderful bond you have together.

Gift idea for Mom: modernity with the innovative period panties

You are young, you follow trends, you know menstrual panties. But that may not be the case for your mom. Used to wearing the same periodic protection for years, she probably doesn't think about changing it. Absorbed by managing family life, she may not have the time to think about the subject either. However, certain disadvantages have always bothered her: the diaper effect of disposable sanitary napkins, the tampon that sticks during removal at the end of the cycle, the risk of menstrual toxic shock syndrome , etc. It's up to you to introduce him to this innovation that is period panties. Rather than spending time explaining all its advantages to her and seeing her hesitate about this somewhat expensive purchase, offer her a copy. She will be able to try the experience quickly and without regret. She will be flattered that you share your knowledge and wellness tips with her. This idea also works very well with Step-Maman, as long as you are close enough to allow this intimate gift.

Women's gift idea: offer Perdième menstrual panties

Gift idea for Grandma: pretty underwear for all ages

Is your grandmother still in her prime or a little older? Has she already gone through menopause? This natural phenomenon, corresponding to the cessation of reproductive function in women, generally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, with an average estimated at 50 years. If your grandmother is under 45, there is a good chance that she still has her period and needs to use period protection. As for your mother (see the previous gift idea), bring her up to date by buying her beautiful and effective menstrual panties.
Approaching the age of 50 or having passed it, it is likely that she is menopausal or that she is going through what is called perimenopause, a more or less long transitional phase leading to menopause. She may be experiencing this period in a completely relaxed way, relieved to no longer have periods and to no longer worry about contraception. Or, it presents certain unpleasant, even disabling symptoms: very irregular cycles, hot flashes, sleep problems, irritability, urinary leakage, etc. In any case, offering her underwear, classic or menstrual, is a nice way of telling her that there is no age to take care of yourself and your privacy, to feel beautiful and good. in his skin.

Menstrual lingerie is a gift idea that is suitable for all women, of all ages and for all flows. Take advantage of a special and festive occasion to discover it, expand your collection or that of your loved ones, or complete a set with the matching bra . To do this, nothing could be simpler: go to our e-shop or in an eco-responsible physical store , to purchase items or a gift card.

Women's gift idea: a set of Perdième menstrual lingerie

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